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10 Tips to Make Runescape Money


1) Sacred Oil

Using this method of making runescape money you will transfor ordinary Olive Oil into Sacred oil that can be worth a lot of money. This is a great way to make some RS Gold.

2) Clockwork

Making Clockworks from steel bars can also make you rich in RS. Get some Steel Bars and start making Clockwork.

3) Mahogany Flatpacks

To use this money making method you will first have to complete some tasks, but it is well worth it as you can really make a lot of money doing this.

4) Sand

This is a quick an easy way to make RS money. Only takes a couple of minutes a day. Complete the Hand in the Sand quest and sell the sand for a nice profit.

5) Bolt of Cloth

Buy Bolts of Cloth from Sawmill’s Shop in Varrock. Then resell them for double the price.

6) Unfinished Broad Bolts

Buy Unfinished Broad Bolts from Slayer Shops and resell them for a great profit.

7) Item Lending

Lending powerful items to player can make you a bunch of RS gold and is a quick and rather lazy way to make money.

8) Sets Merching

Buy in parts and exchange into sets. Then sell for a profit. Easy

9) Killing for Money

This is a simple and efficient way of making money. Simply kill mobs, get their stuff and sell it!

10) Shads Billionaire Guide

For the absolute best Runescape Money making tips you should get this guide. Thousands of players have used it to make millions upon millions of gold. I use it myself every day and it really does make you into a RS billionaire!


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