Day: January 10, 2013

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WoW Powerleveling Guide. Get to level 80 in a day!

So, you wanna level to level 80 as soon as possible in World of Warcraft? Using RAF (Recruit a friend + Multiboxing Software Pwnboxer) you can boost your own characters to level 80 in less than a day. I’ve used this method for most of my own character. You will need an existing level 90 character to boost your new alts. You can use this method to level without RAF and it still works very well, but having RAF makes it a whole lot quicker.

Before You Start:

Once you have everything you need, head over to the WoW site and log into your account. You will now use RAF to create a new account. Make new e-mails and send RAF invites to them. Once you have your new account, you should get a battle chest for it. You won’t get very far with a trial account, and a battle chest will allow you to level to level 80, if you want to go further you will need to get Cataclysm and MoP as well but you don’t need it for this guide. With a RAF account you will get 3x XP and leveling will be very fast, you can now group with your new character and level quickly. You must however be within 4 levels of the character you are connected with through RAF to get the 3x XP bonus. So you now have 2 choices : read more