Day: January 27, 2013

Everquest 2 Everquest 2 Class Guides

Templar Guide

The tips in this Templar guide are meant simply as guidelines and the AA specs, rotations etc may not be the most optimal for your playstyle)

templar guideThe Templar is excel at healing their allies as well as themselves. In addition to their healing powers they can also mend other afflictions and buff and cast protective spells on their allies. They also have some damage spells and Crow Control capabilities. They wear plate armor so their survivability is quite high

Core Stats: Wisdom

Recommended Deity: Rodcet Nife, Karana Mithaniel Marr, Tunare read more

Runescape Runescape Gold Guides

10 Tips to Make Runescape Money

1) Sacred Oil

Using this method of making runescape money you will transfor ordinary Olive Oil into Sacred oil that can be worth a lot of money. This is a great way to make some RS Gold.

2) Clockwork

Making Clockworks from steel bars can also make you rich in RS. Get some Steel Bars and start making Clockwork.

3) Mahogany Flatpacks

To use this money making method you will first have to complete some tasks, but it is well worth it as you can really make a lot of money doing this.

4) Sand

This is a quick an easy way to make RS money. Only takes a couple of minutes a day. Complete the Hand in the Sand quest and sell the sand for a nice profit. read more

Runescape Runescape Gold Guides

Runescape Money Making Guide 2012

So looks like Shad’s Runescape Billionaires Guide has been updated since i last used it. I am actually using it now and it works as good as ever, and it feels really nice to not have to worry about having enough gold. Sure there are tons of free guides for Runescape on how to make gold, even a few good ones on this site. But having Shad’s guide just feels like the money is flowing in, millions of gold every hour. At the moment i am putting in minimal time into Runescape due to other games, but still i just seem to be raking in the money. It is no doubt that this is by far the best Runescape money making guide there is. read more