Day: February 6, 2013

Runescape Runescape Gold Guides

Black Unicorn Gold Farming

Black Unicorns are a a great way to make money on Runescape. The Black Unicorns drop Unicorn Horns which sell for quite a lot on the Grand Exchange although the prices go up and down a lot. I’ve seen them as high as 5000 and as low as 1000 gold each. Regardless there is money to be made killing Black Unicorns, and you level up combat skills at the same time.

I prefer to farm the Black Unicorns in the level 10 – 17 Wilderness, usually there aren’t anyone around to PK you here anyway so it is pretty safe. They can be found just southwest of the Wilderness Volcano. Just farm these until your inventory is full, go bank or sell and come back. Rinse and repeat and you should have a pretty nice hourly profit on these. read more

Runescape Runescape Gold Guides

Cowhide Money Making. 100-200k F2P No Skills

This is a really easy way to make some quick and easy gold in Runescape. What you want to do is head to a area with a lot of Cows. Cows are easy to kill and they drop cowhides that can fetch up to 300gp each and they are a very overlooked item. Either kill the Cows yourself and loot the Cowhide or if there are someone already there killing the Cows, just loot the Cowhide as most players will just leave it on the ground.

Since each Cowhide is worth 250-300gp you can easily make 100-200k an hour doing this and it is all F2P! read more

Runescape Runescape Gold Guides

Making money with Ashes F2P (No Skills)

Alright this is a quick and easy way to make some extra gold in Runescape, it is a viable option for both F2P players and P2P players and require no skill at all. All you have to do is head over to the Grand Exchange. Once you are there look for someone that are making fires, there usually are someone. Now rest until the fires have turned to ash and pick them up. Pick up as many as you can, then go bank them. Rinse and repeat and you should be able to make a good profit on this. You should at least be able to make 400k + gold in an hour which is pretty good for just picking up stuff. read more

Everquest 2 Everquest 2 Platinum Guides

Wailing Caves Plat Farming Guide

The Wailing Caves is a low level dungeon in the commonlands, mobs here are around level 15-20 so you can mentor down pretty early and dominate this place, making it a good place to make plat from early on. Anyone level 50+ should be able to solo here efficiently for plat. We won’t be looking from anything in specific while farming here, just blast through the dungeon and loot everything. Try to get to the bosses as often as possible to get Masters and other goodies. Even though the items here are low level, some of them can fetch quite a few plat on the Broker. A good way to make some extra plat is to send a message in the chat that you can boost low levels through here since you are going anyways. read more

Runescape Runescape Gold Guides

Unblessed Symbol Money Making Guide 300-400k /hour

To do this you will need a little bit of money but the profit can be huge. You will need a Prayer skill of 31 to do this.

So buy as many Unblessed Symbol as you want. Then head over to the Edgeville Monastery and go inside. Talk to Abbot Langley and ask him to join the Monastery. He will let you join. Then go up the ladder and talk to Brother Jared and have him bless your Unblessed symbols and they will turn into Holy Symbol. So now head back to the Edgeville bank and bank your Holy Symbols. Rinse and repeat as much as you want. read more

Everquest 2 Everquest Platinum Guides

City of Mist Plat Farming Guide

The City of Mist is a dungeon located in the Emerald Jungle on Kunark. It’s a east zone to farm for a lot of plat at level 65 + or so. And it is a great zone for F2P (Free 2 Play) Players as you get a lot of plat and vendor trash here. You can of course make decent plat here while leveling, but if your only goal is to make plat i would suggest that you are high enough level for mobs to be greyed out. 70 or so is optimal. Since it’s a Kunark zone, the mobs here have very low health. At higher levels you can AoE packs of mobs here and make even more plat. read more