Day: October 4, 2016

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Voninblod Farming Guide

Voninblod is one of the most important items’s in Storm King’s Thunder. You need it for pretty much everything, like getting gear, progressing the campaign and getting boons, so you are going to be farming a lot of it.  The ways to obtain voninblod are:

  • Daily Quests – This is pretty slow but you are going to be doing them anyway and every little bit helps
  • By clicking Ostorian Relics that are scattered on the ground in Bryn Shander, Lonelywood and Cold Run
  • From doing Heroic Events in the Storm King’s Thunder zones

So what is the fastest way to farm Voninblod? The fastest method I have found is doing a combination of them, mostly farming relics and HE’s. If you want to solo, collecting the relics is the quickest way. The best places I have found is in the woods around the town in the lonely wood zone, and along the shoreline in Cold Run. But the fastest way to farm Voninblod is doing HE’s and picking up relics along the way. For this, Lonelywood is the best zone. This is because it is a lot more populated than the other zones. There is almost always people running HE’s in Lonelywood. Another reason Lonelywood is good for Voninblod is that there are a lot of relics scattered between each HE, so when running from one to another you often find them and most people doing HE’s will leave them. I can usually farm around 6000-7000 voninblod per hour with this method in lonelywood and I have not found anything else close to this. read more