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Age of Conan Harvesting for Gold Guide Part 1


Welcome to our Age of Conan Harvesting for Gold Guide Part 1. The guide shows the best and easiest way to obtain gold for new players from level 20 and up. For more gold guides, see the Gold Guides section of the site!

This guide is for players who are just starting out in Age of Conan, or perhaps for someone that is just starting on a new server and is in need of some quick gold. Harvesting Professions are one of the best ways of making gold and you can do it right from the start. Doing this you can make a good few gold per hour starting at level 20, and you will gain levels while doing it!

So after arriving in your home city from Tortage, head to one of the Harvesting zones. Purple Lotus Swamp, Poitain or Lacheish Plains. From here you will want to head to the town located in the zone of your choosing. Accept all the quests here, yes you can get quests for all the professions. Some professions are more profitable than others, but i like getting them all so i don’t have to run far between nodes.

After you have gotten all the quests, make your way around the zone and gather the items you need. Once you have them, head back and turn in the quests. You will get a new quests to harvest a rare component, do that as well and turn it in when you are finished. Now you will be able to harvest tier 1 items and rare items, and you will probably have gained a level or two. You won’t be able to learn to farm new things until level 50.

Now you can start harvesting for real so just spend some time in the zone and harvest materials. I like to harvest for 1 – 3 hours so that i have a substantial amount of items and then sell them on the trader. This way i will have enough gold to buy good armor and weapon upgrades for many levels ahead. When you now start leveling again, you won’t have to worry about gear or money.

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