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Ahn’Kahet The Old Kingdom Farming



Zone / Area :

Where :

Azjol Nerub / Dragonblight. The entrance to Ahn’Kahet The Old Kingdom is down in a hole in Dragonblight. There are two instances here. You are going down the one to the left that looks like a temple rather than a cave.



Description :

Many of the Wrath of the Lich King dungeons isn’t suited for farming as there are few mobs and few mobs that drop loot compared to other instances from Vanliia and TBC. Ahn’Kahet is one of the pretty good ones though, the instance is fairly quick and has a good amount of mobs. The drops here seem to be pretty good and you should be able to fill a inventory after 2 -3 runs with greens / blues and cloth. Dalaran is also pretty close by so you can fly quickly back and put stuff up on the broker.

Gold Per Run :

3000g – 5000g+

Gold Per Hour :


Example Loot from one run :

Vendor Trash : 110g
Greens + Blues : 5000g
Cloth and Misc. : 300g


5410 gold from one run.

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