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Welcome to our Neverwinter Astral Diamonds guide! In this guide we will go over all the possible scenarios for making AD in Neverwinter. From the basics to investing in the auction house to good old fashion farming!

The Basics of Astral Diamond Making

The basics of Astral Diamond making are pretty simple, lets go over a few points.

  • Run one random dungeon and a skirmish every day on all your characters. This is the meat and potatoes of your AD making process. The more characters you have, the more you make, so consider making alts and getting them to at least level 12.
  • Weekly Quests – The Ballad of Baphoment from Bruenor in Undedark, Arcane Reservoir from Sharandar, The Red Wizards in Dread Ring, Protecting the Portal from Harper Boward in PE, Reclaiming the Hoard in Well of Dragons and Biggrin’s Tomb in Icewind Dale can be completed for an extra 4500 AD each per week.
  • Salvaging gear is a great way to reach the 36k AD refine cap. After running dailies with all your alts, farm salvage gear and send it to all your alts.
  • Having VIP really helps with AD making. You get daily lockbox keys, and on average you will get items worth 20-50K AD per day but can get mounts worth 10 million. You will also get bonus salvage and other bonuses.  If you are serious about AD making get at least rank 8 to remove AH costs.
  • Invoke when you can to make extra AD.
  • Professions can provide you with extra AD. Leadership is the best profession to make AD but is very slow to level, see our Profession Guide for the fastest ways to level.
  • Have Dragon’s Hoard, Quartmaster’s and Fey Blessing Enchantments and a mount with Wanderer’s Fortune on for max Refinement. More RP means more AD as you can refine enchantments to sell.
  • Pay attention to the calendar. Although there are no longer many 2x AD events, there are other events that you can profit from. Bonus RP and x2 runes and enchants events can be used to farm RP to upgrade enchantments. The same goes with 2x seals events for more salvage.

Converting Currencies to Astral Diamonds

Making AD by converting currencies won’t be your main way of making AD, but can help out quite a lot. Especially Seal of the Protector that you will get tons of doing other stuff.

  • Gold – Make into AD by buying from vendors and selling on AH. Mounts and companions work best.
  • Refinement Points – RP can be made into ad buy refining enchantments. At the moment I spend I RP on upgrading Black Ice Enchantment, rank 5 to rank 7. On this I make about 5,5k AD per enchantment.
  • Guild Marks can be used to buy various items in the Stronghold either for salvage or for selling on the AH.
  • Seal of the Protector is used to buy the SKT rings and then salvaged.
  • Seal of the Adventurer can be traded for raw AD or buy enchantments for RP or upgrade the echantments to sell.
  • Tarmalune Trade Bars – Buy the legacy weapons that only cost 5 trade bars. These salvage for 2700 AD. If bought during Trade Bar discount events, they only cost 3 trade bars.
  • Celestial coin can reward you with Coalescent Wards. These can be used to create armor or weapon enchantments and then sold for a huge profits. Here having more alts also helps on your chances.
  • Voninblod – Use to buy items like the potions from the campaign store and sell.
  • Black Ice- Use to buy gear and salvage or Ring of the Xvim and sell on AH.
  • Different baits can be used to fish. In Chult you can get boots that can be sold on the AH or salvaged.
  • Demonic Ichor can be used to buy Drowcraft shirt and pants that can be sold on the Ah.
  • Most other currencies can be used to make AD. Have a look in the module stores for items that you can sell or salvage.

Farming for Astral Diamonds

Lets move on to farming. Below is a list of farming locations in Neverwinter.

Dungeons, Skirmishes and Trials


  • Hunt Trophies from Soshenstar River can be sold for a huge profit but need to be traded in chat as they can’t be sold on the AH.
  • Demonic Heroic events in Dread Ring and Well of Dragons. These reward you with rings that can be salvaged. You will also get Underdark currencies like Faerzress and Demonic Ichor that can be traded for Keys, Gear or AD. The Demonic Slaughter is the easiest one to finish and the one most people do, watch the chat for people reporting where it is up.
  • Heroic Encounters and Dig sites in the  River District can be farmed for Arcane Magical Writings that can be sold on the AH.
  • Dragon Runs in Well of Dragons are once an hour at quarter to the hour. Use the RP you get from the run to upgrade some of the Dragon’s Hoard Enchantment, rank 5’s you get to rank 7. Sell everything else including The Dragon Hoard Coffers and you can make 20-30k AD per run.
  • Sharandar and Dread Ring daily and weekly quests are also good for farming RP to be converted for gold, see our Refinement Guide for more info. Dread Ring daily lair quests are especially good as they can reward Superior Enchanting Stones. You can buy more keys for lair for Vanguard Scips, which again can be bought for Onyx Fragments that can be bought from the AH or farmed which means that you can do them more than once per day.

Investing and Re-selling



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    Sep 02, 2016

    how to transfer AD from differente PG of same account?

    • Reply
      Sep 27, 2016

      The way i transfer Astral Diamonds, is that i use the AD/Zen Exchange to buy Zen with. I then sell the Zen for Ad immediately. Then log onto the other character and withdraw the AD.

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