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Beastlord Guide


The tips in this EQ2 Beastlord guide are meant simply as guidelines and the AA specs, rotations etc may not be the most optimal for your playstyle)

Beastlord GuideThe Beastlord is a martial fighter much like the monk classes. Beastlords tap into the savagery of nature to defeat their enemies. They also have powerful animal companions that follow them and assist them in battle.

Core Stats: Agility

Recommended Deity: Bristlebane, Mithaniel Marr, Rallos Zek

Recommended AA Spec / AA Build: Beastlord AA Spec (This is a good starting spec, but feel free to build / change it to suit your playstyle)

Epic Quest Guide : EQ2 Wikia Beastlord Epic Quest

Beastlord Casting Order:

1) Primal Assault
2) Savagery freeze
3) Hawk Eyes
4) Mandate
5) Brutal Beatdown
6) Draconic Breath
7) True Spirit Venom
8) Blind Side + Shadow Leap
9) Savage Ravaging.


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