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Black Ice Farming Guide – Fastest way to get Black Ice

black ice farming guide

So it’s time to go to Icewind Dale, and get your Black Ice Farming on? Black Ice is a valuable resource in Neverwinter. You can use it for numerous things like upgrading your gear and buying special items. You can refine raw black ice that you find through the black ice shaping profession that you advance as you play through the Icewind Dale campaign. You need a lot of black ice to progress and to get your gear so knowing where to get it is key.

  • Quests – First of all you get your black ice through Icewind Dale quests in Icewind Pass and Dwarven Valley. This is black ice and not raw black ice so you don’t have to do anything with it to use it.
  • Kessell’s Retreat – This is a level 70 skirmish that rewards you with some raw black ice.
  • Farming – The quickest way to get raw Black Ice is to farm it in Icewind Pass or Dwarven Valley, but you need to use Black Ice Shaping to make it into regular Black Ice. This method is even faster if you buy a Hammerstone Runeforge Kit in the Zen store. The best places to farm is in either of the PvP areas in the two IWD zones as you get extra black ice there. The whole Dwarven Valley zone is also good, and in my opinion better than Icewind Pass as it has fewer players generally and has a better view, meaning fewer hills and stuff that obstruct your view so that you can easily spot Black Ice. There also seems to be more Black Ice nodes in Dwarven Valley.

When you have the raw Black Ice, you need to shape it to Black Ice so that you can use it. Buying some rare or epic Cryomancers from the AH is smart when doing this as it will speed things up considerably and Cryomancers are pretty cheap at the moment (at least on pc).

That’s really it for farming Black Ice. It does take some time, but having that Elemental Dragonflight Armor sure is nice!


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