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WoW Blackrock Spire Gold Guide 6000g ++


Blackrock Spire is one of the best farming instances from Vanilla WoW. There are several factors that make this a great farming instance. For one, it’s huge and it has a lot of mobs which equals a lot of drops. If you don’t want to spend to much time you can just hit the Upper part, as the lower part is big and takes some time. Either way you should be able to do the whole instance in 30min +. Second there drops a lot of Runecloth here which usually is a quick seller. Also if you have Enchanting as a profession, all the blue BOP drops from the bosses here disenchant into Large Brilliant Shards which usually sell for quite a lot. If you don’t have disenchant you can just vendor the BOP stuff. Depending on your luck you can usually make anywhere from 3000g to 8000g on one run.

This is an example of what i got on one run:

Vendor Trash : 10g

16 stacks of Runecloth = 400g

23 Large Brilliant Shards = 600g

13 Green Weapons and Armor = 4000g

9 Recipes = 600g

Misc. Items = 600g

Total = 6210 In 30 min



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