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Blackwing Lair Solo Gold Guide


Blackwing Lair was the hardest raid back in the Vanilla days of WoWo. Nowadays it can be soloed by any class. However it wasn’t until recently (after MoP) that most classes could do it due to the 1st boss “Razorgore the Untamed” raid mechanics. Tanking classes can take him on in any gear at level 90, while most other classes will have to at least have a few pieces of decent gear. He shouldn’t be too much of a problem though, and i soloed him just fine with my PvP geared Rogue. Blackwing Lairs is a pretty quick run 10 – 20 minutes and can provide you with some of the coolest looking transmog items in the game as well as 5000g ++ per run.

Entrance to the zone is done by touching a globe inside the Blackrock Mountain, the attunement quest “Blackhand’s Command” will still need to be done before entering. It’s a fairly quick quest though and can be done in 20 minutes solo.

As you first enter, go into the first room and kill the 3 mobs on the left side. Click the orb there to control Razorgore, you will now need to use his abilities to destroy all the eggs. If Razorgore is killed before the eggs are destroyed he will kill everything in the room, including you and you will wipe. So make your way around and destroy all the eggs. A bar will show how long you have left over your control over Razorgore, after a while you will lose control and you need to click the orb again to regain control. Sometime during the fight, either when you loose control or you can loose control on purpose by clicking your portrait and pressing dismiss, you should use some defensive cooldowns unless you have a lot of Armor and HP. As a Rogue i usually pop Evasion and Combat Readiness and they keep me alive for long enough to regain control of Razorgore, and destroy the rest of the eggs. If you can heal you can also do that. Just remember to not let Razorgore die before all the eggs are destroyed.

All the rest of the bosses here are easy and should pose no problem to a level 90.

In one quick run through BWL i got :

Drops : 20g
Vendor (Vendored all Epics) : 130g
3 Blues and 5 greens : 3000g
5 Stacks of Runecloth : 200g
Misc. (Gems etc) : 1500g

Total : 4850g. You can get a lot more than this if you are lucky with the drops, so it is a good raid to solo for some quick gold.

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