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Blingtron 4000 Gold Guide


This little guy won’t make you super rich but having one if you are an engineer can give you a few extra gold every day, and every little bit helps. The Blingtron 4000 will give the player a quest that is turned it at once that rewards you with a gift that you can open. In this gift is mostly fluff items and vendor trash. The vendor trash is usually worth 10 -30g but i have gotten over 200 g at one time so having a Blingtron certainly has it’s advantages.

To make the Blingtron 4000 you will need Engineering skill of 600 and the following materials :

4 x Living Steel

4 x Trilium Bar

4 x Ghost Iron Bar

4 x Vermilion Onyx

4 x Wild Jade

4 x Spirit of Harmony

If you don’t have engineering you can also get the quest from another players Blingtron, but you won’t most likely be able to do the quest every day.

blingtron 4000



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