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Blue Dragon Scale Farming


Blue Dragon Scales and Blue Dragon Dust is a great way to make fast gold in Runescape. In this guide i will show you a way to farm a ton of it and make about 500k gold in an hour of just walking around and picking it up. You will need 70 agility and 60 dungeoneering to do this quickly.

Blue Dragon Scales are worth about 650 gold a piece.

Before you start you will want a beast of burden like a War Tortoise, so that you can carry and store more stuff. This will increase how many Blue  Dragon Scales you can carry by a lot.

We will be starting of in Falador. From the middle of Falador, go northwest to the Taverley Dungeon. The entrance is marked on the map below. Climb over the wall in Falador and go northwest.

taverly dungeon entance

Once you are in the Taverly Dungeon. Squeeze through the Obstacle Pipe to your right. Summon your War Tortoise now. Skip all the Blue Dragon Scales in this area as we will go to an even better spot. Just click the Mysterious entrance, to the north and to the left from where you enter the room. Now just to the west there is an area with a rocky wall in the middle of it. Around it, Blue Dragon Scales are scattered. Go around it and pick them up. The Blue Draonscales will respawn very quickly so you can pick them up constantly by just going around and around. Filling your inventory will go very quick. Remember to fill your War Tortoise with scales as well.

Now you can port back to Falador. Go to the bank and bank the scales, and repeat.


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