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Age of Conan class guide for any class in the game. Anything from Assassin to Tempest of Set. Learn how to level and play your class in AoC. Updated weekly with new guides and tips for your class.

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Age of Conan Best Solo Class

What is the best Solo Class in Age of Conan? In Age of Conan there is a multitude of different classes, all of them are suited for solo play but some of them are better than other. Classes are divided into 4 different archetypes : Soldier, Priest, Rogue and Mage. In this guide we will go over all the different classes and try to find out which classes are the best for soloing. Keep in mind that how well a class solo comes a lot down to skill and playstyle and quite a few different factors. The class that i personally think is the best at soloing might not be the best one for you, so in the end you should base your class choice on what class you want to play. read more

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Age of Conan Demonologist Guide 1 – 40

Demonologists are masters of fire and fire based spells. They have some spells that are based on other elements, but most of the primary spells are fire based. They have extremely good DPS, both AOE and single target damage. As well as good DPS, Demo’s have pets that aid them in battle. These pets have some very beneficial buffs and heals. The only downside to the Demo is that they can’t take much damage. so you will most likely die a good couple of times in PvP and PvE before your really know how to handle and play the Demo. read more

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Bear Shaman Leveling Guide

The Bear Shaman class in Age of Conan is as the name suggests a typical Shaman class with some melee capabilities as well as some decent heals. Its a well balanced class because of having both good dps and defensive skills, plus some other very neat tricks. The Bear Shaman excel especially well in group situations and in PvP.

For leveling you should stick to mostly offensive skills and spells. Your heals will hopefully be enough to keep you alive so the more offensive power you have the faster you will kill monsters and level up faster. read more

Age of Conan Class Guides All Age of Conan Guides

Equipment Guide for Assassins (End Game Weapons and Gear)

Looking for what armor and weapons to equip your Assassin with? This guide will show you some of the best end game options for level 80 assassins, as well as options for weapons and gear pre end game.

Raid Tier 1 : Deadly Guile

Assassin Armour/T1RatingsMitigationsStat Modifications
Hood of Deadly GuileHead+160 Combat Rating (Dagger)+30 Hit Rating+40 Critical Rating+21 Hate Decrease Skill383 Armor+51 Constituion+58 Dexterity+40 Hiding
Armstraps of Deadly GuileShoulders+105 Combat Rating (Dagger)+21 Offhand Rating+16 Hate Decrease Rating191 Armor+38 Constitution+50 Dexterity
Tunic of Deadly GuileChest+40 Hit Rating+140 Combat Rating (Dagger)+50 Critical Damage Rating+18 Hate Decrease Rating574 Armor+52 Constitution+67 Dexterity+40 Hiding+3 Natural Stamina Regen


Bracers of Deadly GuileWrist+100 Combat Rating (Dagger)+36 Offhand Rating0.04% Piercing Invulnerability+36 Constitution+54 Dexterity+4.1 Natural Stamina Regen
Gloves of Deadly GuileHand+120 Combat Rating (dagger)+30 Critical Rating+33 Offhand Rating191 Armor+37 Constitution+44 Dexterity
Belt of Deadly GuileWaist+120 Combat Rating (Dagger)128 Armor+39 Constitution+48 Dexterity4.7 Natural Health Regen
Leggings of Deadly GuileLegs+145 Combat Rating (Dagger)+41 Hit Rating+25 Hate Decrease Rating+50 Critical Damage Rating446 Armor+49 Constitution+67 Dexterity+40 Hiding Skill 
Padsoles of Deadly GuileFeet+130 Combat Rating (Dagger)+40 Hit Rating+35 Critical Damage Rating255 Armor+38 Constitution+44 Dexterity+4.5 Natural Stamina Regen+37 Hiding


Song of Demise(72-122)+183 Combat Rating (Dagger)+30 Offhand Rating+10 Hate Decrease Rating+20Constitution+50 Dexterity

Raid Tier 2 : Black Whisper

Assassin Armor/ T2LocationRatingsMitigationsStat Modifications
Arm-Straps of Black WhispersShoulder+125 Combat Rating (dagger)+23 Offhand+18 Hate Decrease210 Armor+42Constitution+54 Dexterity 
Belt of Black WhispersWaist+145 Combat Rating (Dagger)+44 Hit Rating140 Armor+42 Constitution+50 Dexterity+6.3 Natural Stamina Regen
Bracers of Black WhispersWrist+120 Combat Rating (Dagger)+41 Offhand Rating140 Armor+39 Constitution+56 Dexterity+5.8 Natural Stamina Regen
Gloves of Black WhispersHands+130 Combat Rating (Dagger)+45 Critical Rating+36 Offhand Rating210 Armor+39 Constitution+48 Dexterity+40 perception
Hood of Black WhispersHead+180 Combat Rating (Dagger)+37 Hit Rating+50 Critical Rating+23 Hate Decrease Rating421 Armor+55 Constitution+62 Dexterity+40 Hiding
Leggings of Black WhispersLegs+45 Hit Rating+170 Combat Rating (Dagger)+60 Critical Damage Rating+27 Hate Decrease Rating491 Armor+58 Constitution+69 Dexterity+40 Hiding
Padsoles of Black WhispersFeet+155 Combat Rating (Dagger)+46 Hit Rating+44 Critical Damage Rating281 Armor+41 Constitution+46 Dexterity+6.2 Natural Stamina Regen+37 Hiding Skill
Tunic of Black WhispersChest+170 Combat Rating (Dagger)+44 Hit Rating+56 Critical Damage Rating+20 Hate Decrease Rating631 Armor+55 Constitution+75 Dexterity+3.8 Natural Stamina Regen+40 Hiding
The Silent Knell+198 Combat Rating (Dagger)+15 Hate Decrease Rating+38 Offhand Rating+22 Constitution+54 Dexterity

Non Raid Level 80 Armor:

Armor NameLocationLevelBindInvulnerabilities##DefenseModifiersFound In:Specific Boss:
“Set” Gear
Hood of the Whispering BladeHead80BoP+2.7% Fire+2.7% Cold+2.7% Electrical+2.7% Holy

+2.7% Unholy

3.20.26% ImmunityPvP Set Gear: Old Taranita PvP MerchantPvP Rank 5 item
Armbands of the Whispering BladeShoulder80BoP+3.15 Slashing+3.15 Piercing+3.15 Crushing+3.15 Poison0.3+61.2 max health+1.4% offhand ChancePvP Set Gear: Old Taranita PvP MerchantPvP Rank 2 Item
Bindings of the Whispering BladeChest80BoP+3.15 Slashing+3.15 Piercing+3.15 Crushing+3.15 Poison21+61.2 max health+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenPvP Set Gear: Old Taranita PvP MerchantPvP Rank 4 Item
Wristbands of the Whispering BladeWrists80BoP0.27+1.4% Offhand Chance+9 Dexterity+14 Physical Damage Modifier##PvP Set Gear: Old Taranita PvP MerchantPvP Rank 3 Item
Gloves of the Whispering BladeHands80BoP+2.7% Fire+2.7% Cold+2.7% Electrical+2.7% Holy

+2.7% Unholy

1.6+14.2 Physical Damage Modifier##PvP Set Gear: Old Taranita PvP MerchantPvP Rank 3 Item
Shendoh of the Whispering BladeLegs80BoP+3.15 Slashing+3.15 Piercing+3.15 Crushing+3.15 Poison6.4+61.2 Max health+ 9 DexterityPvP Set Gear: Old Taranita PvP MerchantPvP Rank 4 item
Boots of the Whispering BladeFeet80BoP+3.15 Slashing+3.15 Piercing+3.15 Crushing+3.15 Poison0.27+9 Dexterity+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenPvP Set Gear: Old Taranita PvP MerchantPvP Rank 2 Item
Belt of the Whispering BladeWaist80BoP+3.15 Slashing+3.15 Piercing+3.15 Crushing+3.15 Poison0.27+61.2 Max health+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenPvP Set Gear: Old Taranita PvP MerchantPvP Rank 2 Item
WidowDusk HoodHead80BoP0.1% Piercing0.1% Crushing3.2-1% hate+37 Hiding+37 PerceptionOnyx ChambersNefru
Widowdusk Arm-StrapsShoulder80BoP0.4% Slashing0.4% Crushing0.4% Poison0.5% Piercing0.27+1.4% Chance Offhand+6.12 Natural health RegenOnyx ChambersVahaben the Disembowled
Widowdusk TunicChest80BoP0.3% Piercing0.3% Crushing21+37 Hiding+6.12 Natural Health Regen+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenOnyx ChambersIssa the heartless
Widowdusk bracersWrist80BoP.04% Piercing0.27-1% Hate+1.4% Chance Offhand+8.5 Dagger DamageCaravan RaidersJathred the Life Drinker
Widowdusk MittsHands80BoP.04% Piercing.04% Crushing1.6+8.5 Dagger Damage-1% Hate+1.4% Offhand ChanceOnyx ChambersTalimes the Rotten
Widowdusk BeltWaist80BoP0.4% Slashing0.4% Crushing0.4% Poison0.4% Piercing0.27+6.12 Natural health Regen+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenOnyx ChambersAkhita the Reveler
WidowDusk PadsolesFeet80BoP0.4% Slashing0.5% Piercing0.4% Crushing0.4% Poison0.27+0.5% Evade Chance+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenAtzels FortAmunhoten
Widowdusk FauldLegs80BoP0.4% Slashing0.6% Piercing0.6% Crushing0.4% Poison6.4+37 Hiding+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenOnyx ChambersGrinder
Full Midnight Set Pic
Midnight HoodHead80BoP0.3% Cold0.1%Piercing0.1% Crushing0.3% Electrical

0.3% Fire

0.3% Holy

0.3% Unholy

3.2-1% hate+37 HidingEpic Kesh or Epic Resource Zones
Midnight Arm-StrapsShoulder80BoE0.5% Piercing0.4% Crushing0.4% Poison0.4% Slashing0.3+61.2 Max health+1.4% Offhand ChanceEpic Kesh or Epic Resource Zones
Midnight TunicChest80BoP0.3% Piercing0.3% Crushing21+61.2 Max health+136 max Stamina+37 hidingEpic Kesh or Epic Resource Zones
Midnight BracersWrist80BoE.02% Piercing0.3+9 Dexterity+8.5 Dagger Damage+1.4% Chance offhandEpic Kesh or Epic Resource Zones
Midnight MittsHands80BoP0.04% Piercing0.04% Crushing1.6-1% Hate+8.5 Dagger Damage+1.4% Offhand ChanceEpic Kesh or Epic Resource Zones
Midnight beltWaist80BoE0.4% Slashing0.4% Piercing0.4% Crushing0.4% Poison0.3+61.2 max health+136 Max StaminaEpic Kesh or Epic Resource Zones
Midnight leggingsLegs80BoP0.2% Piercing0.2% Crushing6.4+136 Stamina+9 Dexterity+37 HidingEpic Kesh or Epic Resource Zones
Midnight padsolesFeet80BoE0.1% Piercing0.3+0.5% Evade+9 Dexterity+37 hidingEpic Kesh or Epic Resource Zones
Bossonian Prowler’s DeathmaskHead78BoE0.1% Piercing0.1% Crushing+3.1-1% hateChance on Damage: Envenoming Revenge (22-48 poison damage)Chance on Damage:  Corruptive Revenge (22-48 Unholy Damage)2 Gem SlotsCrafted: Recipe Drop in AtzelsCrafted
Bossonian Prowler’s TunicChest78BoE0.3% Piercing0.3% Crushing+20+59.6 Max health+132.9 Max StaminaChance of Damage: Retortive Revenge (23-47 Slashing Damage)2 Gem SlotsCrafted: Recipe Drop in AtzelsCrafted
Bossonian Prowler’s LegguardsLegs78BoE0.2% Piercing0.2% Crushing+6.2+132.9 Max Stamina+8.6 DexterityChance on Damage: Retortive Revenge (23-47 Slashing Damage)2 Gem SlotsCrafted: Recipe Drop in AtzelsCrafted
Bossonian Prowler’s FootpadsFeet79BoE0.1% Piercing1.4% Poison0.35% Out of Combat Move Speed0.5% Evade Chance+8.6 Dexterity1 Gem SlotCrafted: Recipe Drop in AtzelsCrafted
Bossonian Prowler’s BeltWaist79BoEn/a0.3+60 Maxh health+10 ConstitutionChance on Damage: Envenoming Revenge (22-48 poison damage)Chance on Damage:  Corruptive Revenge (22-48 Unholy Damage)

1 Gem Slot

Crafted: Recipe Drop in AtzelsCrafted
Darkfate MaskHead80BoE0.3% Immunity0.3% Cold0.3% Fire0.3% holy

0.3% unholy

0.3% Electrical

3.2-1% hateCrafted: City ArmorRecipe Drop
Darkfate ArmwrapsShoulder80BoE0.1% Slashing1.6% Crushing0.26+61.2 Health+1.4% Offhand Chance1 Gem SlotCrafted: City ArmorRecipe Drop
Darkfate LeggingsLegs80BoE6.4+61.2 Max health+136 Max Stamina+9 Dexterity1 Gem SlotCrafted: City ArmorRecipe Drop
Darkfate BeltWaist80BoE0.01% Slashing1.6% Poison0.26+61.2 Max health+10.5 Constitution1 Gem SlotCrafted: City ArmorRecipe Drop
Darkfate GripsHands80BoE0.3% Cold0.3% Fire0.3% holy0.3% unholy

0.3% Electrical

1.61.4% Offhand Chance1 Gem SlotCrafted: City ArmorRecipe Drop
Darkfate BootsFeet80BoE0.1% Piercing0.26+0.5% Evade+136 Max Stamina+9 Dexterity1 Gem SlotCrafted: City ArmorRecipe Drop
Fine Steelsilk HoodHead80BoE3.2CraftedArmorsmith Trainer
Fine Steelsilk Arm-StrapsShoulder80BoE0.09% Slashing0.27+63.1 Max health3 Gem SlotsCraftedArmorsmith Trainer
Fine Steelsilk TunicChest80BoE21+63.1 Max Health3 Gem SlotsCraftedArmorsmith Trainer
Fine Steelsilk BracersWrist80BoE.04% Slashing0.263 Gem SlotsCraftedArmorsmith Trainer
Fine Steelsilk MittsGloves80BoE1.63 Gem SlotsCraftedArmorsmith Trainer
Fine Steelsilk LeggingsLegs80BoE6.5+63.1 Health3 Gem SlotsCraftedArmorsmith Trainer
Fine Steelsilk BeltWaist80BoE0.26+63 Health3 Gem SlotsCraftedArmorsmith Trainer
Non-Set/Random Gear+
Smuggler’s HoodHead80BoP0.1% Piercing0.1% Crushing0.3% Immunity3.1+35 hiding-1% hateCaravan RaidersQuest Reward: “Freed from their cages II”
Deathvigil TunicChest80BoE0.3% Piercing0.3% Crushing21+61.2 Max Health+13.6 natural Stamina RegenChance on Hit: Retributive RevengeWorld Drop BoE
Hateless StrikesWrist80BoP0.04% Piercing0.3-1% hate+9 Dexterity+8.5 Dagger Damage??
Illfated BeltWaist80BoE0.4% Crushing0.4% Piercing0.4% Slashing0.4% Poison0.3+61.2 max health+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenWorld Drop BoE
Nadiral SashWaist80BoE0.01% Piercing0.3+10.5 Constitution+61.2 Max health+13.6 non-Combat Stamina RegenWorld Drop BoE
QuickSilvered LeggingsLegs80BoP0.2% Piercing0.2% Crushing6.4+61.2 Max Health5% Out of Combat Movement Speed6.1 Natural Health RegenXibalukuBalko
Wildfire PantsLegs80BoP0.2% Piercing0.2% Crushing6.4+61.2 max health+13.6 natural Stamina Regen+5% out of Combat Move SpeedEpic Khesh/Resource ZonesEpic Zone Bosses
Shadowblur LeggingsLegs79BoE0.5% Slashing0.5% Crushing0.5% Poison0.5% Piercing6.20.2 (Heroic)+36 hiding+8.6 DexterityEpic Khesh
Blacksulphur SlippersFeet80BoP0.4% Slashing0.5% Piercing0.4% Crushing0.4% Poison0.3+0.5% Evade Chance+13.6 natural Stamina RegenAtzel’s FortRorik the Ghost
Nihilistic SlippersFeet80BoP0.4% Slashing0.5% Piercing0.4% Crushing0.4% Poison0.3+0.5% Evade Chance+136 Max StaminaAtzel’s FortKing Atzel
Shadowslick TreadsFeet80BoE0.1% Piercing0.3+0.5% Evade Chance+37 Hiding+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenWorld Drop BoE
Nadiral SlippersFeet80BoE0.1% Piercing0.3+136 Max Stamina+0.5% Evade Chance+5% Out of Combat Move SpeedWorld Drop BoE
Celeritous SlippersFeet80BoE0.4% Slashing0.5% Piercing0.4% Crushing0.4% Poison0.3+5% Out-of-Combat Move Speed+0.5% Evade ChanceWorld Drop BoE
Cloaks and Jewelry
Necklace of Relentless BellicosityNeck80BoP+138.4 Max Stamina+13.8 Natural Stamina Regen+11.2 Constitution+9.6 Strength

+9.6 Dexterity

Level 80 Destiny Quest Rewardlevel 80 Destiny Quest
Subarec’s CollarNeck80BoP+9 Strength+9 Dexterity+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenXibalukuMaster Goaler/Subarec Treasure Chest
Mark of DeceptionNeck80BoP+136 Max Stamina+10.5 Constitution+9 DexterityXibalukuProtector of Acheron
Spellvex CarcanetNeck80BoE0.3% Fire0.3% Cold0.3% Electrical0.3% Holy

0.3% Unholy

+136 Stamina+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenWorld Drop BoELevel 78+ Mobs
Ring of Warmaster’s WrathRing80BoP0.3% Cold0.3% Fire0.3% Electrical0.3% Holy

0.3% Unholy

+11.2 Constitution+39 Perception+9.6 Strength+9.6 DexterityLevel 80 Destiny Quest RewardLevel 80 Destony Quest
CobraStrike BandRing80BoP+10.5 Constitution+9 DexterityChance on Damage:  Venemous StrikeThunder River: QuestQuest for completing access to Xibaluku: Thunder River
DarkbandRing80BoP0.3% Unholy0.3% Holy0.3% Electrical0.3% Fire

0.3% Cold

+10.5 Constitution+9 DexterityXibalukuMartyr of Votantha
Furious BandRing80BoP+9 Strength+9 Dexterity+10.5 ConstitutionXibalukuBalko
Ring of Bitter FleshRing80BoE+10.5 Constitution+9 DexteritySlaughterhouseIronJaw
Band of ForceRing80BoPn/a for PvE+10 Strength+10 DexterityLevel 80, Rank1 PvP AccessoryPvP Accessory Quartermaster
Filigree Gold SignetRing80BoE3 Gem SlotsCraftedTrainer
Chulainn’s GiftRing77BoP+8.6 Strength+10 Constitution+8.6 DexterityAtzel’s Fort QuestChulainn – Quest Atzels Fort
Black Dragon CloakBack80BoP0.3% immunity+0.5% Evade Chance+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenChance on Taking Damage: Pulsing guardQuest Reward for Killing VistrixKing Conan
Cloak of MuninBack63BoP+106 Max Stamina+11 Natural Stamina RegenQuest Reward in AmpitheatreRaven, In Ampitheatre
Howler Hide CloakBack80BoP+13.6 Non Combat Stamina Regen+136 Max Stamina+37 HidingEpic Zones (item level dependent on epic zone level)Lion Boss in Epic khesh
Night’s ShroudBack80BoP-1% Hate+136 Max Stamina+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenXibalukuProtector of Acheron
Darkshroud CloakBack79BoP0.25% Immunity-1% hate+36 HidingAtzels Approach:QuestQuest to kill a Jotun Chief – Atzel’s Approach
Barbarian CloakBack80BoP+39 Hiding+0.5% Evade Chance-1% Hate modifier??
Jawsnapper’s HideBack80BoP0.3% Electrical0.3% Fire0.3% Cold0.3% Holy

0.3% Unholy

+136 Stamina+13.6 Natural Stamina RegenXibalukuThe Red One
Cloak of ChampionsBack80BoE0.3% Electrical0.3% Fire0.3% Cold0.3% Holy

0.3% Unholy

0.3% Immunity0.5% Evade Chance1 Gem Slot

 Pre Level 80 Armor

Armor NameLocationLevelBindInvulnerabilities+++DefenseModifiers+++Found In:Specific Boss/MOB:
Full Midnight Set Pic
Midnight Arm-strapsShoulder70-80BoE+Piercing+Crushing+Poison+Slashing0.3+ Max Health+ Offhand ChanceEpic Kesh orResource Zones
Midnight BeltWaist70-80BoE+Piercing+Crushing+Poison+Slashing0.3+ Max health+ Max StaminaEpic Kesh orResource Zones
Midnight BracersWrist70-80BoE+ Piercing0.3+ Dexterity+Dagger Damage+Offhand ChanceEpic Kesh orResource Zones
Midnight HoodHead70-80BoP+ Cold+Piercing+Crushing+ Electrical

+ Fire

+ Holy


3.x-1% Hate+ HidingEpic Kesh orResource Zones
Midnight LeggingsLegs70-80BoP+ Piercing+Crushing6.x+Max Stamina+ Dexterity+ HidingEpic Kesh orResource Zones
Midnight MittsHands70-80BoP+Piercing+Crushing1.x-1% hate+Dagger Damage+Offhand ChanceEpic Kesh orResource Zones
Midnight PadsolesFeet70-80BoE+Piercing0.3+Evade %+Dexterity+hidingEpic Kesh orResource Zones
Midnight TunicChest70-80BoP+ Piercing+ Crushing18-21+Max health+Max Stamina+ HidingEpic Kesh orResource Zones
Nadiral PantsLegs70-80BoP+Piercing+Crushing6.x+Max Health+5% out of Comabt Move Speed+Natural Health RegenEpic Kesh orResource Zones
Voidseeker PantsLegs70-80BoP+slashing+piercing+crushing+poison6.x+ Max Health+ Max StaminaEpic Kesh orResource Zones
Wildfire PantsLegs70-80BoP+ Piercing+Crushing6.x+ Max Health+ Natural Stamina Regen+ Out of Combat Move SpeedEpic Kesh orResource Zones
Wildfire SashWaist70-80BoE+ Piercing0.2x+Max Health+Max Stamina+ConstitutionWorld Drop BoE
Nadiral SashWaist70-80BoE+Piercing0.2x+Max health+Non-Combat Stamina Regen+ ConstitutionWorld Drop BoE
Voidseeker SashWaist70-80BoE+Piercing+Slashing+Crushing+Poison0.2x+Max health+Max StaminaWorld Drop BoE
Nadiral SlippersFeet70-80BoE+ Piercing0.2x+ Out of Combat Move Speed+ Evade %+ Max StaminaWorld Drop BoE
Voidseeker SlippersFeet70-80BoE+ slashing+ Piercing+ Crushing+ Poison0.2x+ Evade %+ DexterityWorld Drop BoE
Wildfire BootsFeet70-80BoE+ Slashing+ Piercing+Crushing+ Poison0.2x+ Evade %+ Max StaminaWorld Drop BoE
Twilight Arm-strapsShoulder40-69BoE+ Slashing+Piercing+Crushing+poison+0.2x+Offhand Chance+Max HealthEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Twilight BeltWaist40-69BoE+Slashing+Piercing+Crushing+Poison0.2x+Max health+Max StaminaEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Twilight BracersWrist40-69BoE0.2x+Offhand Chance+Dexterity+Dagger DamageEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Twilight HoodHead40-69BoP+ Crushing+ Fire+ Electrical+ Holy

+ Unholy

+ Cold

2.x.2 (Heroic)-1% hate+ HidingEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Twilight LeggingsLegs40-69BoP+ Crushing5.x+Max Stamina+Hiding+ DexterityEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Twilight MittsHands40-69BoP1.x+Offhand Chance+Dagger Damage-1% HateEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Twilight padsolesFeet40-69BoE+ Slashing0.2+ Evade%+ Dexterity+HidingEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Twilight TunicChest40-69BoP+ Crushing+17+1.x (heroic)+ max health+ max stamina+ HidingEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Dark Ember PantsLegs40-69BoP+Crushing5.x+ Max health+ Out of Combat Speed+ max StaminaEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Brimstoned PantsLegs40-69BoP+Crushing5.x+ Max health+ Out of Combat Speed+ max StaminaEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Eidolon’s PantsLegs40-69BoP+Slashing+Crushing+Poison+Piercing5.x+ max health+max staminaEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Dark Ember BeltWaist40-69BoE0.2+ Max Health+Max Stamina+ConstitutionEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Brimstoned SashWaist40-69BoE0.2+Max health+ Constitution+ Non-Combat Stamina RegenEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Eidolon’s SashWaist40-69BoE+ Slashing+ Piercing+ Crushing+ Poison0.2+ Max Health+ Max StaminaEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Dark Ember BootsFeet40-69BoE+ Slashing+ Piercing+ Crushing+ Poison0.2+ Evade %+ Max StaminaEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Brimstoned SlippersFeet40-69BoE+ Slashing0.2+ Out of Combat Speed+ Max Stamina+ Evade %Epic Instance ofAppropriate level
Eidolon’s SlippersFeet40-69BoE+ Slashing+ Piercing+ Crushing+ Poison0.2+ Evade %+ DexterityEpic Instance ofAppropriate level
Set Armors (Non-MultiRange)
Darkslayer/Sinister Set Pic
Darkslayer HoodHead63BoP+0.02 Crushing+0.22 Cold+0.22 Fire+0.22 Electrical

+0.22 Holy

+0.22 Unholy

2.6.17 (Heroic)+26 HidingAmpitheatre
DarkSlayer BracersWrist63BoP0.2+1.1% Offhand+7.1 Dexterity+5.4 Dagger DamageAmpitheatre
Darkfury LeggingsLegs63BoP+0.31% Slashing+0.43% Crushing+0.31% Poison+0.31% Slashing5.20.34 (Heroic)+45 Max healthAmpitheatre
Darkfury SlippersFeet63BoP+0.33 Slashing+0.31 Piercing+0.31 Crushing+0.31 Poison0.2+0.4% Evade Chance+10.6 Natural Stamina RegenAmpitheatre
Sinister TunicChest59BoP+0.19% Crushing143(Heroic)+40 max health+24 Hiding+9.3 Natural Stamina RegenCatacombs
Vashian KeffiyehHead40BoP+ 0.2% Cold+ 0.2% Fire+ 0.2% Unholy+ 0.2% Electrical

+ 0.2% Holy

1.8-1% Hate+17 HidingSanctum ofBurning SoulsPrincess Akivasha
Vashian TunicChest40BoP+0.17% Crushing12(0.6 Heroic)+73.5 Max Stamina+5.3 Constitution+17 HidingSanctum ofBurning SoulsPrincess Akivasha
Vashian SchentiLegs40BoP+0.08 Crushing3.6(0.2 Heroic)+73.5 Max Stamina+4.5 Dexterity+17 HidingSanctum ofBurning SoulsPrincess Akivasha
Vashian TreadsFeet40BoP0.16+73.5 max Stamina+4.5 Dexterity+4% Out of Combat Move Speed+17 HidingSanctum ofBurning SoulsPrincess Akivasha
Non-set Items
Clandestinus DarkhoodHead55BoP+0.2% immunity+2.2+0.3 (heroic)-1% Hate+23 HidingMain SystemAlcippe
Darkrift CoverChest17BoP+0.22% Slashing+0.22% Crushing+0.22% Piercing+0.22% Poison4(2.6 heroic)+7 Hiding+3.35 Natural Stamina RegenWhite SandsUnderhalls EpicAcheronian Ruins Epic
Prowler LegsLegs15BoP+0.22% Slashing+0.22% Crushing+0.22% Piercing+0.22% Poison1.2+6 Hiding+3.04 Natural Stamina RegenWhite SandsUnderhalls EpicAcheronian Ruins Epic
SneakFeet13BoE+0.22% Slashing+0.22% Crushing+0.22% Piercing+0.22% Poison0.1+6 Hiding+2.7 Natural Stamina RegenWhite SandsUnderhalls EpicAcheronian Ruins Epic
Hangmans RopeWaist11BoE+0.22% Slashing+0.22% Crushing+0.22% Piercing+0.22% Poison0.1+2.3 Non Combat Stamina Regen+2.3 Natural Stamina RegenWhite SandsUnderhalls EpicAcheronian Ruins Epic
Augur’s SashWaist12BoE+0.22% Slashing+0.22% Crushing+0.22% Piercing+0.22% Poison


0.1+6.4 Max health+0.64 Natural health RegenWhite SandsUnderhalls EpicAcheronian Ruins Epic

 Level 80 Assassin Weapons

Weapon NameLevelBindUse Loc.Damage/DPS**ModifiersFound In:Specific Boss:
Dagger of Black Whispers80BoPMH/OH110 DPS+4 Defense (Heroic)+15 Damage (Physical)+4 Attack Rating (Heroic)+4 Resistance Rating (Heroic)

+9.4 Unholy Damage (Melee)

+9.4 Poison Damage (Melee)

Chance on Damage:

Venemous Guard

Defiling Guard

Rupturing Guard

Black Ring CitadelSabazios the InsaneChathaLeviticus
Dagger of Deadly GuileIn-Game Pic here80BoPMH/OH108-182 (1.42s)102.3 DPS+2 Defense (Heroic)+11.3 Damage (Physical)+2 Attack Rating (Heroic)+2 Resistance Rating (Heroic)

+7.1 Unholy Damage (Melee)

+7.1 Poison Damage (Melee)

Chance on Damage:

Venemous Guard

Defiling Guard

Rupturing Guard

Vistrix LairVistrix
The Widow’s PainIn Game Pic Here80BoEMH/OH97-16291.3 DPS+6.8 Damage (physical)+4.3 Piercing Damage (melee)+4.3 Unholy Damage (melee)Chance on Damage:

Venemous Strike

Rending Strike

World Drop BoEWorld
The Scoprion’s PreyIn Game Pic Here80BoEMH/OH97-16492.1 DPS+6.5 Damage+4.1 Poison Damage+1.3% Offhand ChanceChance on Damage:

venemous Strike

Defiling Strike

World Drop BoEWorld
Dagger of Envy’s Fury80BoPMH/OH19.5 – 136.9+6.5 Pierce Damage+8.8 Dexterity+10.36 Damage (physical)+0.8% health Tap

+2 Attack Rating (Heroic)

+2 Defense Rating (Heroic)

+2 Resistance Rating (Heroic)

Quest Reward: Wing 3 BRCAthyr-Bast
Skirmishers DirkIn Game Pic Here80BoPMH/OH19.56-136.89+12 Physical Damage Modifier (PvP ONLY modifier)+1.6% health Tap+2.6% Physical Stamina Tap+3% Fatality Chance

+8.8 Dexterity

PvP Trader in Old TarantiaPvP Rank 5 item
Iziels Spite80BoPMH/OH19.5-136.9 (1.1s)+4.26 Piercing (melee)+1.4% Offhand Chance+7.9 DexterityXibalukuJal Kor Bloodbane
Shadowbite80BoPMH/OH19.56 – 136.89+7.9 Dexterity+6.81 Damage (Physical)+0.75% Health Tap (physical)Slaughterhouse CellarPict ChiefIronJaw
Manslayer80BoPMH/OH+4.3 Piercing Damage (melee)+6.8 Damage (physical)+3% Fatality ChanceQuest RewardAtzel’s Fort
Nithing Fang80BoPMH/OH19.56 – 136.89+1.4% Chance offhand+6.8 Damage (physical)Atzel’s FortAtzelTreasure Chest
Agilis80BoPMH/OH+4.3 Poison Damage (melee)+6.8 Damage (physical)Onyx ChambersAkhitut the Immolated
Blackshard80BoPMH/OH19.56-136.89+6.8 Damage (Physical)Onyx ChambersKamu-Hoten the Stoned
Asuran Ceremonial Dagger80BoPMH/OH?+1.4% Offhand Chance+8.1 Dexterity??
Sharktooth80BoEMH/OH89-150(1.42s)84.5 DPS+6.8 Damage Physical+1.26% Tap StaminaWorld DropLevel 78+ Mobs
Snaketooth Dagger80BoPMH/OH+4.3 Poison Damage (melee)+0.75% Health Tap (physical)??
Razor80BoEMH/OH89-150(1.42s)84.5 DPS+7.9 Dexterity+4.3 Slashing DamageChance on Hit: Rending Strike1 Gem SlotCraftedRecipe Drop
Bluesteel Kris80BoEMH/OH89-150(1.42s)84.5 DPS3 Gem SlotsCraftedWeapon Trainer
Deathwhisper77BoEMH/OH87-146(1.42s)82.2 DPS+6.3 Damage (Physical)+0.7% Tap health+1.2% Tap StaminaWorld DropLevel 74-78 mobs
Ahnefet76BoPMH/OH17.76-124.3+1.3% Offhand Chance+7.5 Dexterity+6.3 Damage (Physical)??
Shah Stinger76BoPMH/OH17.76-124.3+4 Piercing Damage (melee)+2% Fatality ChanceScorpion CavesShah
Sting of the Venom Brood80BoEMain108-??+5 Crossbow Range Modifier+3% Fatality Chance+4.3 Poison Damage (Range)World Drop BoEDMC in Khesh
Breath of the North80BoPMain177-278(1.8s)126.3 DPS+4.5 Cold Damage (Ranged)+5 Crossbow Range Modifier+10 Dexterity+2 Resistance Rating (Heroic)

Chance on Hit:  Gelid Strike

Quest Reward: The Great OrdealYahkmar
Nightwhisper Crossbow80BoEMain108-??+5 Crossbow Range Modifier+1.3% Tap StaminaRandom World BoE drop
Bounty Hunter’s Crossbow80BoPMain?+4.3 Piercing Damage (range)+6.8 damage (physical)+3% Fatality ChanceQuest RewardAtzels Fort
Wolfsbane80BoPMain?+6.8 Damage (Physical)+4.2 Poison Damage (Range)Onyx ChambersMekhtep the Scourged
RotBolter80BoPMain?+7.9 Dexterity+4.3 Piercing Damage (range)+4.3 Unholy Damage (Range)XibalukuAcheronian Reaper
Seed of Fear80BoEMain?+3% Fatality Chance+7.9 Dexterity+4.3 Unholy DamageCraftedRecipe Drop
Nithing Crossbow80BoPMain?+4.3 Poison Damage (Range)+4.3 Piercing Damage (Range)Atzel’s Fort
Bluesteel Battle Crossbow80BoEMain?3 Gem SlotsCraftedCrafted
Black Destiny72BoEMain?+5 Crossbow Range+2% Fatality Chance+3.5 Unholy Damage (Ranged)Random Epic Drop (70-76)
Bloodfly72BoEMain?+5 Crossbow Range+5.6 Damage (Physical)Random World Drop (70-76)
Khemit76Main?+7.5 Dexteroty+4 Piercing Damage (Range)+4 Unholy Damage (Range)Quest Mob: Scorpion CavesConstantius

 Pre Level 80 Weapons

Item nameLevelBindUse Loc.Damage Range/DPSModifiersFound In:Specific Boss:
Black Dragon Tooth75BoPMH/OH17.76-124.3+3.9 Piercing Damage (melee)+2% Fatality Chance+7.5 DexterityQuest: Conan – KheshettaQuest Reward: King Conan
Bluesteel Poignard75BoEMH/OH17.76-124.33 Gem SlotsCraftedTrainer Learned
IceStrike72BoPMH/OH16.13-112.9+2% Fatality Chance+5.6 Damage (physical)+0.7% Tap HealthHalls ofEternal FrostAcheronian Ancestor
Sunsteel Kukri70BoEMH/OH16.13-112.93 Gem SlotsCraftedTrainer Learned
Fleshripper69BoEMH/OH14.22-99.5+5 Damage (physical)+1.1% Tap StaminaWorld Drop, 70+
Well-Hones Spire68BoE14.22-99.5+3 Piercing Damage+3 Poison Damage+4.9 Damage (physical)CraftedUnsure of Recipe loc.
Veiled Hate67BoEMH/OH14.22-99.5+3 Unholy Damage (melee)+1.1% Offhand Chance+4.8 Damage (physical)World DropAtzel’s
Claw of Khan63BoPMH/OH14.22-99.5+2% Fatality Chance+6.3 DexterityAmpitheatreSpirit of Khan
Pallid Engraver62BoPMH/OH14.22-99.5+2.6 Slashing Damage (melee)+7.1 Dexterity+4.2 Damage (physical)Main SystemTeremsefi
Cadaverous Bite62BoPMH/OH14.22-99.5+2.63 Slashing Damage (melee)+2.63 Unholy Damage (melee)+10.49 Unholy Damage (magic)Main SystemMeru
Soulshank61BoEMH/OH14.22-99.5+6.3 Dexterity+4 Damage (physical)+0.9% Tap healthWorld Drop
Scourge60BoPMH/OH14.22-99.5+7.1 Dexterity+7.1 Intelligence+0.9 Tap StaminaCatacombsQuest Reward
Kurbankohl’s Talon60BoPMH/OH14.22-99.5+2% Fatality Chance+3.9 Damage (physical)+0.5% health Tap+0.9% Stamina TapThunder RiverKurbankohl
Dictatus Carver60BoPMH/OH14.22-99.5+2.45 Slashing Damage (melee)+1.1% Offhand Chance+7.1 DexterityCatacombsFinal Boss
Sunsteel Katar60BoEMH/OH14.22-99.53 Gem SlotsCraftedTrainer learned
Jagged Cut58BoPMH/OH10.72-75.03+2% Fatality Chance+7 Intelligence+7 Dexterity+0.85 Tap manaArena Group QuestsArmsman tavernComplete all ArenaGroup  Trials
Fang of Pestilent Blood55BoEMH/OH10.72-75.03+2% Fatality Chance+3.5 Damage (physical)+0.8 Tap Stamina (physical)World Drop
Grievous Jamadhar55BoPMH/OH10.72-75.03+2.2 Piercing Damage (melee)+2.2 Poison Damage (melee)+1.04% Offhand ChanceMain SystemAlcippe
Alpha Hound Fang54BoPMH/OH10.72-75.03+2.13 Slashing Damage (melee)+2.13 Piercing Damage (melee)+0.8% Tap StaminaMain SystemVicious Alpha Male
Soulthief50BoPMH/OH10.72-75.03+6 Dexterity+0.4% Tap health (physical)+0.8% Tap Stamina (physical)Quest Reward:Field of the DeadThe Honourd Dead:The Spirit of leannan
Swiftsilver Poignard50BoEMH/OH10.72-75.033 Gem SlotsCraftedTrainer Learned
Heartblight45BoEMH/OH8.64-60.5+1.7 Poison Damage (melee)+2.8 Damage (Physical)World Drop /Field of the Dead
Onyxhilted Dagger42BoEMH/OH8.64-60.5+1.6 Piercing Damage (physical)+1.6 Fire Damage (physical)+2.6 Damage (physical)1 Gem SlotCraftedRecipe drops inField of the Dead
Callidus41BoPMH/OH8.64-60.5+1% Offhand Chance+4.7 Dexterity+0.2% Tap Health (physical)Nobles DistrictQuest Reward
Y’toth40BoPMH/OH8.64-60.5+0.2% Health TapSanctumPrincess Akivasha
Duskfang39BoPMH/OH6.97-48.79+2% Fatality Chance+4.3 Dexterity+2.35 Damage (physical)SanctumAncient Blood Defiler
Ancient Kukri39BoPMH/OH6.97-48.79+0.9% Offhand Chance+2% Fatality Chance+2.35 Damage (physical)Treasury of the Ancients
Furatus38BoPMH/OH6.97-48.79+2% Fatality+4.2 Intelligence+3.7 DexterityWild LandsGroup Quest: Zelata
Soulfang37BoPMH/OH6.97-48.79+0.9% Offhand Chance+2.3 damage (physical)SanctumRandom MOBs
Nemedian Skinning Knife34BoPMH/OH6.97-48.79+3.2 Dexterity+2.2 Damage (physical)Border RangeGeneral Zarathus
Icefang32BoPMH/OH6.97-48.79+1.3 Piercing Damage (physical)+1.3 Cold Damage (melee)+2.9 Dexterity??
Madfang29BoPMH/OH5.62-39.34+1.2 Piercing Damage+0.8% Offhand Chance+2.5 DexterityConalls valleyQuest
Bleeder29BoEMH/OH5.62-39.34+1.2 Slashing Damage+1.2 Piercing Damage+1.9 Damage (physical)World DropEpics 20-29
Venakis28BoPMH/OH5.62-39.34+1.1 Poison Damage+2.8 Dexterity+7.1 Damage (Magic)Quest Reward: Wild LandsThe Witches Brew IIIZelata
Ieb26BoPMH/OH5.62-39.34+1.06 Piercing Damage+2% Fatality+2.3 DexterityKhopshef ProvinceQuest
Frostspike26BoPMH/OH5.62-39.34+1 Cold Damage (melee)+2% Fatality Chance+1.6 Damage (physical)??
Red Edge22BoEMH/OH5.62-39.340.7 Fire damage )melee)0.8% Offhand Chance+1.1 Damage (physical)World Droplevel 20-28 epics, blue chests
Rebel’s Dagger20BoPMH/OH5.62-39.34+0.8% Offhand Chance2% Fatality Chance+1.5 DexterityRogue Destiny Reward/TortageRogue reward for finishingTortage / Killing Strom