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What is Power Leveling?

Power leveling in a Mmorpg like WoW or EQ is the act of getting a character to the maximum level of the game as fast as you can. Leveling up in Mmorpgs usually takes a lot of time and effort, and the first time going through the game, the player is likely to use weeks if maybe even months to achieve max level. How much time it takes depends a lot on the game, in World of Warcraft it is relatively fast and can be done in about 3 days if you do it right. But the standard time for most Mmorpgs are from 3 to 7 days of ingame /played time. To see how long you have been playing a character you can usually type /played and it will show you the time played in the chat window, this works in most games. If you want to level faster than this, you will have to learn what ways of leveling is the fastest in your Mmorpg, this is called Power leveling. read more