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The Complete Devoted Cleric Guide

Devoted Cleric Guide


Welcome to our Devoted Cleric Guide, updated for Ravenloft, mod 14. In this guide, we will give you tips and info on how to play the Devoted Cleric class.

The Devoted Cleric is pretty versatile for a healer and have quite a few utility skills and when soloing they can do quite a good amount of damage. For grouping, you want to focus on debuffing/buffing and healing.

The purpose of our class guides is not just to show you a build that you can copy and use on your character, but to show you a base build and teach you the mechanics and stats of the game, so you can understand and play your class to its fullest capabilities. Try different gear, feats and powers and learn to tailor your own build for your playstyle. See our guide to making your own build for more info.


Devoted Cleric Guide Index

  1. Basic Devoted Cleric Info
  2. Devoted Cleric Paragon Paths & Powers
  3. Devoted Cleric Boons
  4. Devoted Cleric Weapons & Gear
  5. Devoted Cleric Enchantments
  6. Devoted Cleric Consumables & Buffs
  7. Devoted Cleric Companions
  8. Devoted Cleric Mounts


Basic Devoted Cleric Info

Best Races as a Devoted Cleric

The below options are the best choices for a Devoted Cleric. In the end, it’s not much of a difference, which one you choose.

  • Dragonborn: +2 to any stats. Dragon Heritage (5% extra healing from spells and abilities). Dragonborn Fury (3% extra power and crit).
  • Human: +2 to any stats. Versatile Defense (3% extra defense). Heroic Effort (3 extra heroic feats).
  • Sun Elf: +2 INT, +2 CHA/DEX. Inner Calm (3% action point gain). Sun Elf Grace (10% Control Resist)

Devoted Cleric Attribute / Ability Score Priority

  •  Wisdom > Charisma > Strenght

Devoted Cleric Rating / Stat Priority

For stats in Neverwinter, aim to hit the hard/soft cap of your primary stat, then secondary and so forth. Try not to waste stats by going over the caps, and instead start gearing towards another stat.

  • Power > Recovery (Softcapped at around 16k) >Crit (Caps at 100%) > Defense (Caps Damage Resistance at 95%) > Armor Penetration (Cap Resistance Ignored at 100%)


Devoted Cleric Paragon Paths & Powers

Anointed Champion Build

Anointed Champion

Anointed Champion Combat Powers

At-Wills:  Astral Seal & Blessing of Battle

Class Features: Holy Fervor – Hastening Light

Daily Powers: Hallowed Ground – Anointed Army

Encounter Powers: Divine Glow – Forgemaster’s Flame – Exaltation

Anointed Champion Feats:



Divine Oracle Build

Divine Oracle

Divine Oracle Combat Powers

At-Wills: Brand of the Sun – Lance of Faith – Sacred Flame

Class Features: Holy Fervor – Terrifying Insight

Daily Powers: Hammer of Fate – Hallowed Ground

Encounter Powers: Break the Spirit – Divine Glow – Forgemaster’s Flame

Divine Oracle Feats:

Devoted Cleric Divine Oracle Build


Devoted Cleric Boons

If you still haven’t gotten all your boons, check out our Campaign Completion Guide, with info on how to complete all of the campaigns as fast as possible for all the boons.


Power – Defense – Mount Speed

Elemental Evil:

Wave of Force – Heart of Stone – Blazing Resilience – Wall of Wind


Dark Fey Hunter – Fey Precision – Elven Haste – Elven Tranquility – Elvish Fury

Dread Ring:

Reliquary Keeper’s Strenght – Evoker’s Thirst – Forbidden Piercing – Enraged Regrowth – Burning Guidance

Icewind Dale:

Weathering The Storm – Refreshing Chill – Rapid Thaw – Cool Resolve – Winter’s Bounty


Primordial Might – Primordial Focus – Drow Ambush Tactics – Dwarven Stamina – Abyssal Strikes

Tyranny of Dragons:

Dragon’s Claws – Dragon’s Gaze – Dragonscale Defense – Dragon’s Greed – Dragon’s Fury / Revival / Grip (One in each)

The Maze Engine:

Abyssal Regeneration – Demonic Resilience – Demonic Swiftness – Engine Inspiration

Storm King’s Thunder:

Frosty Demeanor – Hardy Constitution – Chill Determination – Glacial Strength – Healing Warmth

The Cloaked Ascendancy:

Aura of Hope – Healing Heat – Soothing Zephyr – Vision of Beyond

Jungles of Chult:

Tyrant’s Terror x3 – Shamanic Grance x1 – Beasts Burden x1 – Overgrown x1 – Lingering Curse x2


Ageless – Righteous Sacrifice


Devoted Cleric Weapons & Gear


If you are new to Neverwinter and need to know how to get better gear and increase your item level, check out our Gearing Up Guide.

The best way to gear up in Neverwinter is by making a lot of Astral Diamonds, check out our newly updated Astral Diamond Guide for mod 14 to learn all the secrets of AD farming.

If you want to plan out your character and see what items are available the Neverwinter Character Simulator is a great tool.


  • Faithlord’s Raid Aventail (Best in Slot) > Decaying Habit


  • Faithlord’s Restoration Chasuble (Best in Slot) > Knotted Garbs


  • Faithlord’s Raid Braces (Best in Slot) > The Executioner’s Braces > The Donjon’s Braces


  • Faithlord’s Restoration Pigaches (Best in Slot) > Lycan Boots of the Pack

Primary & Secondary:

  • Exalted Primal Weapons

Weapon Artifact Powers

  • Primary: Astral Seal for Healing – Lance of Faith for DPS
  • Secondary: Hastening Light for Healing – Holy Fervor for DPS

Neck & Waist:

  • Lostmauth’s Hoard Necklace – Amulet of Tiamat’s Demise – Rubellite Amulet – Sphene Amulet
  • Greater Belt of Wisdom – Sphene Belt – Tiamat Sash


  • +4 / +5 Ring of the Gravestriker (Best in Slot) > Ring of Offensive Action > Beaded Restoration Ring

Shirt & Pants:

  • Shirt of the Chultan Merchant & Prelate’s Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chausses


  • Primary Artifact: Sigil of the Devoted
  • Secondary Artifacts: Tiamat’s Orb (if using the set) – Symbol of Fire – Sigil of the Hunter – Symbol of Air


Devoted Cleric Enchantments


When getting enchantments, always get the ones with the stats you are lacking in with your gear, boons, etc in mind. For example, if you’ve capped Crit with your gear and boons, don’t get azure enchantments for your offense slots. If you still need to refine your enchantments, see our Refinement Guide for tips on how to farm refinement.

Armor Enchantments:

  • Barkshield or Negation Enchantment

Weapon Enchantments:

  • Frost Enchantment

Offense Enchantments:

  • Radiant / Brutal / Cruel Enchantments

Defense Enchantments:

  • Azure Enchantments

Utility Enchantments:

Dragon’s Hoard x2 + QuartmasterX2 + 1 Fey Blessing or Dark Enchantments

Overload Enchantments:

  • Corrupted Black Ice > White Dragon Glyph

Armor Reinforcement Kits:

Generally, pick the armor kits for the stats you are lacking in.

  • Recovery Armor Kit or Power Armor Kit

Jewelry Reinforcement Kits:

  • Action Point Gain


Devoted Cleric Consumables & Buffs


Consider to get VIP for the Power of VIP HP buff if you aren’t already. Also always stand in campfires to get the +1 ability campfire buff.

Get one from each of the rows below:

  • Empowered Chain of Scales (Best in Slot) > Adorable Pocket Pet > Tymora’s Lucky Coin
  • Any Power Potion
  • Watermelot Sorbet


Devoted Cleric Companions


The best companions for Devoted Clerics are:

  • Summoned Companion: Sellsword.
  • Active Companions: Rust Monster – Tamed Velociraptor – Archmage’s Apprentice – Skeleton or Archons

Companion Gear

For the companion gear from Illusionist’s Gambit, the +4 rings are actually better than the +5 as they have two offensive/defensive enchantment slots and the +5 has an overload slot.

  • Fierce/Heroic/Sturdy – Belt/Ring/Neck/ Gear of the Companion
  • Masterwork Rings
  • +4/+5 Rings

Companion Runestones: Bonding Runestones


Devoted Cleric Mounts


When choosing a Legendary Mount for the Mount Powers, look for a mount that has both a useful equip and combat power. The best choices for a first legendary mount as a Devoted Cleric are Swift Golden Lion or Commander Tyrannosaur

What other mounts you use is not that important. What is important is to get the right insignia bonuses, and many different mounts can offer the various bonuses. To find out what mount has the bonus you want, check out our Insignia Bonus Guide.

All classes and specs should consider using Wanderer’s Fortune before you have refined all your gear and enchantments, for extra refinement every day.

The Best Devoted Cleric Insignia Bonuses:

  •  Assassin’s Covenant– Gladiator’s Guile – Protector’s Camaraderie –  Shepard’s Devotion – Cavalry’s Warning – Artificer’s Persuasion

Insignia Type:

  • Dominance > Mastery depending on what you need.

Devoted Cleric Mount Powers :

When choosing a mount power it is also smart to choose the stats you are lacking in from other gear.

  • Mount Equip Power: Dominant Force (4000 power) – Providence (Swift Golden Lion).
  • Mount Combat Power: Aureal Armament (Swift Golden Lion) – Commander Tyrannosaurus Rex’em.


If you have any questions or suggestions about our Devoted Cleric guide, please leave a comment below! More info about the DC class can be found at The Neverwinter Reddit. More builds and further info can also be found at MMOMinds.



  • This guide has been updated as of January 2018 for Neverwinter mod 12b, Swords of Chult

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    Jan 16, 2018

    Nice bold guide, however I feel that this guide is better suited to the ACDC build. A DODC should use Black Ice enchants in every slot, because they have a more offensive role in the group. Recovery is not as important as crit and armour pen, unlike the AC build, who should stack cruels for as much power and recovery possible let to double stack AA buff.

  • Reply
    Sep 19, 2018

    hi i have never played a devoted cleric can u tell me what powers go where and whats the best enchantments to run and what levels rare or what ? .

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