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Diablo 3 : How to get to Whimseyshire


The secret level of Whimseyshire is a zone in Diablo 3. You get a Feat of Strength + a Banner and a Sigil when you enter Whimseyshire. You also get the Achievement “In The Land of Killers Unicorns” when you go there.

Whimseyshire is a dreamy land filled with bright colors and rainbows and unicorns.

Getting There:

To get to Whimseyshire you will need to get the Staff of Herding. The Staff can be made after you get all the components below:

–          The Black Mushroom from  Level 1 in the Cathedral in Act 1

–          Leoric’s Shinbone from the fireplace near the entrance in Leoric’s Manor Act 1

–          The Liquid Rainbow from the Mysterious Cave in a Mysterious Chest in Dalghur Oasis in Act 2. You will have to save the old man and he opens the chest.

–          Wirts Bell from a Merchant in the city in Act 2. It costs 100k gold.

–          Gibbering Gemstone. It drops from Chiltara in the Caverns of Frost in Act 3. Mob and drop is random.

–          The plans to make the Staff drops from Izual in Act 4.

–          Once you have all of this you will need 50k gold to make the staff.

–          The plans of Nightmarish and Hellish Staff of Herding can be bought from Gorell in Act 4 on Nightmare and Hell. They cost 200k and 500k gold.

When you have combined the staff, travel to the start of Act 1. Take the Old Ruins waypoint and go back a bit and you should find the portal to Whimseyshire!


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