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Different Ways of Making RS Money


One of the awesome ways of making money in Runescape is gathering ore, logs and crafting stuff.  In my long Runescape career i have learned a lot of making gold this way and in this guide i will tell you how.

To start making money with selling logs you need to choose woodcutting as you occupation. Then go pick up some normal logs to level your woodcutting. As you get better at cutting, you should get better axes so you can gather faster and better wood. As you get better you can start cutting willow logs, these will sell for a lot. Always try to sell logs on the Grand Exchange, this will make more money than selling to a NPC store.

Just killing monsters is also a great way to make gold. All monsters have a chance of dropping rare and valuable items and weapons. These can be sold for a lot of gold, so don’t use them yourself if you want gold. As you get better, monster will be higher level and have a chance of dropping even better items. For the most powerful items you should find someone to help you out. If you defeat a very powerful monster you can earn millions of gold.

If you are very experienced with Runescape you can try your luck at reselling. This is done by buying low and selling high on the Grand Exchange. The best items to resell are usually stackable items like runes, feathers and arrows.

Using these methods together can make you millions of gold in Runescape.



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