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Dirge Guide


The tips in this Dirge guide are meant simply as guidelines and the AA specs, rotations etc may not be the most optimal for your playstyle)

Dirge guideThe Dirge is an evil bard that uses his songs to debuff and demoralize their enemies, while buffing and making their allies stronger. They are a perfect utility class and is much desired in groups and raids.

Core Stats: Agility

Recommended Deity: Bristlebane, Bertoxxulous,

Recommended AA Spec / AA Build: Dirge AA Spec (This is a good starting spec, but feel free to build / change it to suit your playstyle)

Epic Quest Guide : EQ2 Wikia Dirge Epic Quest



Dirge Casting Order:

1)Cacophony of Blades
2) Banshee
3) Misfortune’s Kiss
4) Vanishing Act
5) Scream of Death
6) Darksong Blade
7) Daro’s Dull Blade
8) Luda’s Nefarious Wail
9) Evasive Manouver’s
10) Howl of Death
11) Thuri’s Doleful Thrust


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