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Doom Lord Kazzak Farming Guide


Farming World Bosses like Doom Lord Kazzak can be very tedious work but if you are lucky it can provide you with tons of gold. The respawn timer on Kazzak is long and you will most likely be competing with a few other players to get to him. I have spent hours and days waiting for this guy to spawn but in the end it is definitely worth it if you get the Hope Ender or Exodar Life Staff to drop as i have sold these on my server for over 100000 gold.

The best way to to farm this guy without going insane is if you have more than one level 90 character that you play. Just park one character at the spawn spot and go play another one or do something else. Come back every 30 minutes or hour to check if Doom Lord Kazzak has spawned yet. This of course makes it easier for someone else to get to him if you are not there, but at least you won’t have to sit idle and stare at the screen for hours. Having a character parked at his spawn spot, i usually get to kill him once a week.

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Doom Lord Kazzak’s Location

Doom Lord Kazzak always drops 2 BOE epics, but not all of them are worth anything. Most go for 1000 – 2000 gold on my server. Except for the Hope Ender and Exodar Life Staff that goes for 50000 gold ++ due to them being very cool looking and perfect for transmoging. The drop rate for Hope Ender is 16% and for Exodar Life Staff is 18%. So there’s a decent chance of getting at least once of them. Using this method i have made over 200000 gold in one week at times.

According to WoW Wiki, these are the spawn time of Doom Lord Kazzak :

Initial spawn:

Tuesday Night, very late (~1-5%)
Wednesday Night (50-80%)
Thursday Night (15-20%)


2 days after previous kill (30%)
3 days after previous kill (40%)
4 days after previous kill (30%)

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