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Gearing Up in Mists of Pandaria


The fun part of World of Warcraft really starts at level 90 and to at level 90 you will need to gear up. Gearing up is actually pretty easy and in this guide i will talk a little bit about the different ways of getting better gear at level 90. This guide will not go into hardcore raiding or anything but mostly casual ways of getting good gear.

1) Gear from Sha of Anger

Sha of Anger is a raid boss in Kun-Lai summit. He respawns rather quickly, every 20 minutes or so and is a easy kill as there are so many people looking to kill him. On my server there are usually 2-3 raid groups every time. You can start doing the Sha of Anger already at level 85. A lot of players who doesn’t know better will probably bitch and moan a bit when level 85 players join the raids, but pay no heed to them. I have beaten the Sha many times with raid groups consisting of a full group of 85’s or more. You can only get gear from the Sha once per week though. To get in a Sha group just head over to Kun-Lai Summit and write in the general chat something like “LFG Sha” and you’ll get a invite in no time. He respawns in several different locations, so just wait for him to spawn and find out where he is. He’ll shout something across the zone when he respawns and he is huge so you wont miss him.

You will have a chance to get item level 496 or 483 PvE and PvP gear from him as well as a mount. The first time you kill him you will get a Claw of Anger as well that you can turn in for a Epic Item Level 476 feet slot item.

Gearing Up in MoP

2) Gear from the Auction House

When you ding 90, you are going to want some gear at once. Get upgrades from the AH. But get the cheap ones. Doing Heroics and Raid Finder for a day is going to give you pretty much a full set anyways so don’t spend too much. The only thing you might consider spending a lot on is if you can find some good epics and especially epic trinkets.

3) Gear from Heroics

Heroics are going to be your main source of gear to begin with unless you want to pvp a lot. Do heroics until you have a total item level of 460 – 470. This shouldn’t take much more than a day (5-10 hours) of play time.

4) Gear from PvP

PvP is an good alternative to Heroics. I won’t go into arenas or rated battlegrounds but if you want to do them you can really get some good gear. Getting Blue and Epic gear from battlegrounds is pretty easy but might take some time. PvP gear is still very much usable for PvE. I like to get a few pieces of PvP gear, at least 1-3 of the Epics ones.

5) Gear from Looking for Raid

When you have item level 460 you can do the 2 Mogu’Shan Vault LFR raids and at item level 470 you can do Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring. These raids are pretty easy and you hardly every wipe on these anymore. Just join, kill all the bosses and get a chance at some item level 476 + epics. You only have a chance to get loot for each mob once a week so doing LFR raids multiple times in a week is no use. If you do the Sha of Anger and all the raids, you will have 17 raid bosses a week that you have a chance of getting gear from. Usually i get 1-4 pieces every week, not all are upgrades though.

gearing up in mists of pandaria

7) Faction Gear (Justice and Valor Points)

The various factions in Mists of Pandaria will sell you gear for Justice and Valor Points. You have to farm faction with them though and it takes quite some time. These items are usually pretty good item level 496 gear. The Klaxxi necklace is super easy to get as you will probably have enough faction when you are finished leveling. The other ones take a lot more time so i prefer personally to do LFR and Sha instead.

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