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How to get Artifacts in Neverwinter

neverwinter artifacts guide

In Neverwinter, artifacts are an important part of a character’s gear. Artifacts can be upgraded an eventually become very powerful. Artifacts are also a bit harder to come by than ordinary gear, at least in the beginning. In this guide, we will go over how you can get your first, second, third and fourth artifact. If you want to find out what artifacts is the best for your class go to our class guides.

How to get your first Artifact in Neverwinter

For most new players, your very first artifact will come from the quest Artifact Facts /Artifact Recovery at level 21. Talk to Sergeant Knox to start the quest, then Elder Reader Laris. The quest will take you through a short dungeon and voila; your first artifact, the choice between:

  • Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue
  • Waters of Elah’zad
  • Lantern of Revelation

For some classes, one of these can be a viable choice for endgame, but even if you won’t be using it at 70, you can use them as feeders to upgrade your other artifacts later, so doing the quest is well worth it.

Other easily obtainable first artifacts are:

  • Beacon of Simril – Only obtainable during the Christmas event, but can be upgraded without the use of regular refinement and instead used special refinement also only available during the event.
  • Globe of the Third Eye – Purchase from Sybella Artis, as part of the Sword Coast Chronicles Campaign. This can only be upgraded to purple.
  • Bruenor’s Helm – Obtained through chapter 9 of the Underdark quest series, “The Dwarven King”.

How to get your second, third and fourth Artifact in Neverwinter

Obtaining your second artifact probably won’t happen until you are at level 70, but there are quite a few options open for you. Getting a specific artifact from a lockbox is very rare so I would recommend to instead get them off the AH.

  • Sigil of the Controller / Devoted / Great Weapon / Guardian / Hunter / Trickster / Scourge / Oathbound Paladin. Basically, there is one sigil for each class. You need to have at least 2 characters above level 60 and then get the quest “Vault of the Nine” from Jarlaxle Baenre. This might sound like a lot of work for an artifact but trust me it’s not. During double XP events, you can level to 60 in a few hours (See our leveling guide). The quest can be hard to complete at level 60, but get in a guild and ask for someone to help you and I almost guarantee someone will help you with the quest and it takes about 5 minutes. Some of the Sigils are the most powerful artifacts in the game.
  • Tiamat’s Orb of Mastery – Temple of Tiamat
  • Lostmauth’s Horn of Blasting – Lair of Lostmauth or Auction House
  • Shard of Orcus’ Ward – Castle Never or Auction House
  • Emblem of the Seldarine – From Malabog’s Castle or Auction House
  • Shard of Valindra’s Crown – Valindra’s Tower or Auction House
  • Black Ice Beholder – Kessel’s Retreat or Auction House
  • Thayan Book of the Dead – Auction House or Lockbox
  • Sphere of Black Ice – Auction House or Lockbox
  • Kessell’s Spheres of Annihilation – Auction House or Lockbox
  • Heart of the Black/Red/Blue/Green/White Dragon – Auction House or Lockbox
  • Belial’s Portal Stone – Auction House or Lockbox
  • Token of Chromatic Storm – Auction House or Lockbox
  • Wheel of Elements – Auction House or Lockbox
  • Symbol of Fire/Air/Water/Earth – Auction House or Lockbox
  • Horn of Valhalla – Auction House or Lockbox
  • Siege Master’s Warhorn – Stronghold Vendor
  • Manticore Talon – Bryn Shander Heroic

There are still a few others that you can get from pvp / zen market etc. But these are in my view the main artifacts that are somewhat reasonably easy to obtain. Personally, I usually go for one or two sigils and then buy the rest of my artifacts from the auction house.


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