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How to Cage and Sell Pets in WoW


A really good way of making gold in WoW in Mists of Pandaria is by selling Battle Pets. Many of these drop in old world raids and instances now like Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Blackrock Spire and Ahn’Quiraj. You might be thinking now that you can’t sell these pets because they are BoP but you can actually sell them, in fact they can be quite easily be put in cages and sold. On my server these pets sell for 2000 – 20000g + and this is on top of all the other items you would get from farming Molten Core or any other zone in the first place. So where do you buy pet cages? You don’t even need to do that, there is no Pet Cage Vendor like some people believe. Just follow the steps below to cage a pet.

wow battle pet cage
As you can see, some pets can fetch quite a lot of gold!

How to cage a pet in WoW

1: Right click the pet in your inventory to add it to your pet journal.

2: Open up your pet journal and click “Put in Cage” and it will appear in your inventory in a cage.

3: Sell your newly caged pet.

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