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How to get the Hozen Beach Ball


The Hozen Beach Ball is a vanity item that drops of a rare mob in Dread Wastes called Ik-Ik the Nimble. The Beach Ball will change the appearance of your armor to look like in the image below. The droprate of the Hozen Beach Ball is about 15% so you might end up farming for a while to get it.

307316The Location of Ik-Ik the Nimble is marked on the map below. He is down in a hole in the ground. Ik-Ik respawns about every 1 -2 hours.

hozen beach ball

Like most other MoP rare mobs, Ik-Ik has 3 special attacks to look out for during the fight.

  1. Toss Filth : Nothing to do about this

  2. Bananarang : Move out of the way of the giant Banana.

  3. Going Banana’s : Does a lot of damage. You can either kite this or stun him. Just don’t move out of the cave cause he will reset.

Since the droprate for the Hozen Beach Ball is only 15%, it might takes some time to acquire it. My best tip is just to park an alt here if you have one and log in occasionally and check if Ik-Ik is there.


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