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How to get the Overgrown Lilypad


The Overgrown Lilypad is a pretty awesome vanity item in WoW. It will give you a buff called Symbiosis that will grant the player a Druid ability. What ability you get depends on what class you play. Depending on what class you play, this is actually one of the more useful items that drop of MoP rare mobs, and i personally use this item all the time. For a overview of the buff go here. The buff will last for 1 hour and the cooldown for the Overgrown Lillypad is 1 hour. A rare mob in Valley of the Four Winds called Sele’na will drop the Overgrown Lillypad. The droprate of this is about 20%.

The Location of Sele’na is marked on the map below :

overgrown lilypad

Like most other MoP rare mobs, Sele’na has 3 special attack moves that you should be aware of.

  1. Rain Dance : High Damage. Either Stun or move away to avoid damage.

2.  Torrent : Another high damage attack. Interrupt this.

  1. Water Bolt : Nothing to do about this.

Since the droprate of the Overgrown Lilypad is about 20%, it is easier than most other MoP rare items to get and I’ve gotten it relatively quickly every time I’ve farmed for it. A good tip is to park an alt where Sele’na spawns and log in once in a while to see if the mob is up.


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