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How to Solo Gruul’s Lair (As a Rogue)


Gruul’s Lair is a quick and easy raid zone from The Burning Crusade expansion. Most characters and classes should be able to solo it. There aren’t really much gold to be made here as there are very few mobs but you can acquire some very cool looking transmog items! The only thing that poses a challenge here is High King Maulgar and his helpers, Gruul’s himself is very easy to solo and don’t need any tactics.

How to Solo High King Maulgar

1 ) Sneak up to the Seer and Ambush him, then cast Killing Spree or just DPS him down as fast as you can. He heals so it’s important to kill him first.

2) Once he is dead move on to the Summoner and kill him.

3) Use whatever cooldowns you have if you are getting in trouble and try to keep recuperate up.

4) Kill High King Maulgar and whoever is left.

5) Should you get in trouble, Vanish and try again. I usually use 2 -3 tries before i get it right as you can get unlucky with stuns, polymorph and whatever they cast on you.


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