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Naxxramas Solo Farming



Zone / Area :


Where :

Dragonblight. You must fly to get to the Naxxramas entrance.


Medium. Not all classes might be able to solo all of it with bad gear but as long as you can clear trash and take down a few of the nameds there is gold to be made.

Description :

Naxxramas is one of my favorite Wotlk farming areas. The zone is pretty big and filled with mobs. All the gold here comes from all the trash mobs but to progress far into the instance you will need to be able to kill the bosses as well. The bosses aren’t very hard though and you definitely don’t need to kill all of them. Any level 90 with decent gear should be able to farm here just fine. You will be getting a lot of Frostweave cloth and other misc. items to make money from as well as greens / blues / epics and quite a lot of money from drops and vendor trash. You should be able to fill up your entire inventory here pretty quickly so don’t worry if you cant make it all the way to the end.

Gold Per Run :


Gold Per Hour :


Example Loot from one run :

Loot and Vendor Trash : 600g
25 Greens,1 Blues and 1 Epic : 7000g
Cloth, Spider Silk and Misc. : 600g


8200 gold from one run.

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