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Neverwinter Cheap & Fast Refinement Guide


Most thing in Neverwinter takes either a long time or a lot of astral diamonds or real money, and one of the key things to do to improve your character and your item level is refining your artifacts and your artifact gear. In this guide, I will provide you with the fastest and cheapest ways of refining your artifacts and gear.

General Tips

  • Always refine your gear during double refinement events. These happen every few months and are worth waiting for. You are gonna waste a lot of time and AD if you don’t wait for these.
  • Buying refinement items during double enchantment & rune drop events is also wise, as you usually get enchants & runes cheaper.

Farming Refinement Items

If you don’t have a lot of AD you will want to try to farm as much of your refinement items yourself to keep costs down.

  • Always wear Dragon’s Hoard Enchantments. These can be acquired through the Tyranny of Dragons campaign or through the auction house. These will make refinement items drop from 1-5% percent of mobs killed per Enchant depending on it’s rank.
  • Do Dread Ring quests every day. These reward you with a lot of refinement items. Even some Greater Marks.
  • Dragon Run’s in Well of Dragons also reward you with resonance stones, these run every hour at a quarter to the hour.
  • Heroic Events in your guild Stronghold also reward you with resonance stones.

Buying off the Auction House

Farming for refinement takes a lot of time so most players will end up buying a lot of refinement items of the auction house. And farming for Astral Diamonds might be quicker than farming just for refinement  (See our Astral Diamond Guide)

  • Don’t buy coalescent wards for upgrading artifacts. Even with just the 5% for the last step, using preservation wards is a lot cheaper.

Refining Artifacts

Refining artifacts is a bit different than artifact equipment. The main reason being the use of feeder artifacts. Feeder artifacts are cheap artifacts of the same type (Power/Union/Stability) that you use to refine with. Using a artifact of the same type will give you a 5x bonus. The best way to take advantage of this is to level the feeder to rank 59, over that and it becomes to expensive. At rank 59 you use that artifact to refine your artifact of the same type. This is only efficient if you can get cheap artifacts. You can use the artifact from the Artifact Recovery quest, the artifact from the Sword Coast Chronicles and Bruenor’s Helm from the Underdark Campaign as a feeder. If artifacts are too expensive it is better too rank up just using rank 4 and rank 4 enchantments.

Refining Artifact Equipment

Feeders don’t work for equipment as you only get 85% of the refinement invested if you try to use a feeder item. Buying uncommon equipment of the auction house and using it to refine into your artifact gear can be very cheap but will take a lot of time! Other than that you will either have to farm a lot of resonance stones, or spend AD on resonance stones.



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    Mildred Clemens
    Jun 09, 2017

    Thank you very much for posting this guide.This is very helpful to me since when I first started playing this game I have no clue what my character need.

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