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Neverwinter: Converting Zen Vs. Opening Lockboxes


Opening lockboxes with the daily Enchanted Key from your monthly VIP is no doubt a great way to earn some extra Astral Diamonds every day. For just 10 bucks you get 30 keys, and the average value of a lockbox is now anywhere from 15k to several million. You can pay for VIP by just being VIP and opening lockboxes, at least when you factor in the other AD bonuses from being VIP. But is it possible to get value out of buying enchanted keys and opening lockboxes vs. just converting your Zen to AD directly? I had my doubts but those lockboxes are just so much more fun than converting directly, so I wanted to find out.

I bought 12100 Zen for 99.99eur, you that I could afford enough keys for a decent sample size. By converting this directly in the Astral Diamond  Exchange, I would have gotten 6050000 AD. Instead, I bought 107 Enchanted keys. Meaning I would have to average around 57k in AD per lockbox. A bit less if you factor in the Tarmalune Trade Bars, that you also can spend on items that you can sell for more AD. For my part getting the Trade Bars was a big part of why I got the keys over converting, a trade bar sale is coming up at the end of the month and I needed a few hundred more to be able to afford a mount.

I also got enough Companion tokens to upgrade a companion, saving me 250k AD. I put some research first into what lockbox to go for and found that the most valuable in terms of AD at the moment is New Life Lockboxes, Glorious Resurgence, and Firemane Lockboxes. New life lockboxes seemed to be the best choice for me, as I needed the Owlbear Cub and the drop rate for rare drops seem to be a bit higher in New Life Lockboxes.

In the end, I ended up a bit short, making around 5million AD of the stuff I got in the lockboxes. In hindsight, i could have made more if I had sold the caches that are worth a lot unopened, like the Enchantment caches. All in all, i was pretty happy as I got pretty close to 6million AD, and I got Trade Bars for my mount, and could upgrade my pet.

See the video below to see me opening the lockboxes and what I got.


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