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Neverwinter: Linu’s Favor Farming Guide

linu's favor farming guide

Linu’s Favor is a campaign currency used in the Tyranny of Dragons(ToD) campaign. In the first 90% or so of progression you only need to get a couple which is pretty easy, but at the last two boons, you will need a combined 80 Linu’s favor to unlock them which will take some time.

There are two ways of getting Linu’s favour, the quickest way is to combine both of these. First, you can donate three different other currencies that you get while doing all things ToD related. You donate them to a cart in the middle of the Well of Dragons, next to Elminster, if you have the Rewards for the Hoard quest that will reward you with a Linu’s Favor when you reach 1500 points.

  • Dragon Hoard Coins: You get these everywhere while working on the ToD campaign. You need these for pretty much every task in the ToD campaign as well so make sure you don’t donate all of them. (1 coin equals 5 points.
  • Dragon Hoard Coffers: These are the most farmable of the three currencies. You can get these by either getting a group and farming Heroic Evens in Well of Dragons, these are somewhat rare nowadays. Or you can join a Dragon Run or DR. These start at a quarter to every hour. Simply go to Well of Dragons, and ask for a DR invite, then move to the zone where the DR is going to happen. One full DR will reward you with around 15 coffers. If you have AD to spend you can also buy these from the AH.(1 coffer = 15 points)
  • Dragon Empire Treasures: These are somewhat rare to come by. You can either do a task in the ToD campaign to get one or you can buy them of the Wondrous Bazaar.

The second way to get Linu’s Favor is to defeat Tiamat in the Temple of Tiamat. If you have been running PUG’s through the queue system you will be going oh jeez that’s not going to work by now. But don’t worry, the queue groups always fail because of low item level and DPS. If you actually go to Well of Dragons and write a LFG Tiamat message in chat and get a group that way, you will most likely always succeed in defeating Tiamat. To do this though you should have an item level of at least 2700, so if you are lower I would recommend working on getting your item level up before starting to farm Linu’s Favor this way.

The fastest way to farm Linu’s Favor is by combining these to methods. Join a DR run at a quarter to the hour, when the DR is finished it will only be about 5 minutes until Tiamat starts, so find a Tiamat group, and when you are finished with Tiamat it is almost time for another DR. This way you can farm it constantly and get your Linu’s Favor quickly.


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