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Arcane Mage PvE Guide

Arcane Mage PvE Guide

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Welcome to Arcane Mage PvE Guide, this guide is updated for level 110 and Legion patch 7.3.2. Arcane Mages draw upon great Arcane powers to destroy their enemies. Currently, in Patch 7.3, the Arcane Mage spec is the least powerful in terms of DPS of the Mage builds.


Patch Changes

Stat Priority




Talent Builds

Rotation, Macros and Keybinds.

Below you can see the Patch 7.3 Changes to the Arcane Mage

No Changes were made to the Arcane Mage in the latest patch.

For a full list of changes, go here. read more

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Neverwinter: Converting Zen Vs. Opening Lockboxes


Opening lockboxes with the daily Enchanted Key from your monthly VIP is no doubt a great way to earn some extra Astral Diamonds every day. For just 10 bucks you get 30 keys, and the average value of a lockbox is now anywhere from 15k to several million. You can pay for VIP by just being VIP and opening lockboxes, at least when you factor in the other AD bonuses from being VIP. But is it possible to get value out of buying enchanted keys and opening lockboxes vs. just converting your Zen to AD directly? I had my doubts but those lockboxes are just so much more fun than converting directly, so I wanted to find out. read more

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Neverwinter: Linu’s Favor Farming Guide

linu's favor farming guide

Linu’s Favor is a campaign currency used in the Tyranny of Dragons(ToD) campaign. In the first 90% or so of progression you only need to get a couple which is pretty easy, but at the last two boons, you will need a combined 80 Linu’s favor to unlock them which will take some time.

There are two ways of getting Linu’s favour, the quickest way is to combine both of these. First, you can donate three different other currencies that you get while doing all things ToD related. You donate them to a cart in the middle of the Well of Dragons, next to Elminster, if you have the Rewards for the Hoard quest that will reward you with a Linu’s Favor when you reach 1500 points. read more

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Black Ice Farming Guide – Fastest way to get Black Ice

black ice farming guide

So it’s time to go to Icewind Dale, and get your Black Ice Farming on? Black Ice is a valuable resource in Neverwinter. You can use it for numerous things like upgrading your gear and buying special items. You can refine raw black ice that you find through the black ice shaping profession that you advance as you play through the Icewind Dale campaign. You need a lot of black ice to progress and to get your gear so knowing where to get it is key.

  • Quests – First of all you get your black ice through Icewind Dale quests in Icewind Pass and Dwarven Valley. This is black ice and not raw black ice so you don’t have to do anything with it to use it.
  • Kessell’s Retreat – This is a level 70 skirmish that rewards you with some raw black ice.
  • Farming – The quickest way to get raw Black Ice is to farm it in Icewind Pass or Dwarven Valley, but you need to use Black Ice Shaping to make it into regular Black Ice. This method is even faster if you buy a Hammerstone Runeforge Kit in the Zen store. The best places to farm is in either of the PvP areas in the two IWD zones as you get extra black ice there. The whole Dwarven Valley zone is also good, and in my opinion better than Icewind Pass as it has fewer players generally and has a better view, meaning fewer hills and stuff that obstruct your view so that you can easily spot Black Ice. There also seems to be more Black Ice nodes in Dwarven Valley.

When you have the raw Black Ice, you need to shape it to Black Ice so that you can use it. Buying some rare or epic Cryomancers from the AH is smart when doing this as it will speed things up considerably and Cryomancers are pretty cheap at the moment (at least on pc). read more

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Guild Marks Farming Guide

guild marks farming

Guild marks are a currency that you use to buy various items in your stronghold, like the powerful Dragonflight armor. You get guild marks from donating practically any items in the game to the mimic in your stronghold. Some things are more valuable than others when it comes to guild marks. You can either farm for your guild marks or you can buy vouchers and other items from the auction house to donate. Either way, doing this during a double Guild Mark event is preferable.

Farming Guild Marks

The cheapest way to get Guild Marks is by farming items yourself that you can donate. And the most stable way to farm it is doing Heroic Events in your guilds Stronghold. If you have a big and active guild, most guilds will do runs most days where they do the epic Heroic Events. The advantage of doing the epic ones is that they give additional rewards in addition to the influence that you will use to donate for guild marks. These rewards include resonance stones and companion only gear. However, all Heroic Events give the same amount of Influence and is capped daily at 400. The mobs in the Heroic Events also drop vouchers that can be donated for extra Guild Marks. The smaller Heroic Events can be soloed by most players. I recommend doing these daily for free and easy Guild Marks. read more

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Voninblod Farming Guide

Voninblod Farming Guide

Voninblod is one of the most important items’s in Storm King’s Thunder. You need it for pretty much everything, like getting gear, progressing the campaign and getting boons, so you are going to be farming a lot of it.¬† The ways to obtain voninblod are:

  • Daily Quests – This is pretty slow but you are going to be doing them anyway and every little bit helps
  • By clicking Ostorian Relics that are scattered on the ground in Bryn Shander, Lonelywood and Cold Run
  • From doing Heroic Events in the Storm King’s Thunder zones

So what is the fastest way to farm Voninblod? The fastest method I have found is doing a combination of them, mostly farming relics and HE’s. If you want to solo, collecting the relics is the quickest way. The best places I have found is in the woods around the town in the lonely wood zone, and along the shoreline in Cold Run. But the fastest way to farm Voninblod is doing HE’s and picking up relics along the way. For this, Lonelywood is the best zone. This is because it is a lot more populated than the other zones. There is almost always people running HE’s in Lonelywood. Another reason Lonelywood is good for Voninblod is that there are a lot of relics scattered between each HE, so when running from one to another you often find them and most people doing HE’s will leave them. I can usually farm around 6000-7000 voninblod per hour with this method in lonelywood and I have not found anything else close to this. read more

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Neverwinter Cheap & Fast Refinement Guide

Most thing in Neverwinter takes either a long time or a lot of astral diamonds or real money, and one of the key things to do to improve your character and your item level is refining your artifacts and your artifact gear. In this guide, I will provide you with the fastest and cheapest ways of refining your artifacts and gear.

General Tips

  • Always refine your gear during double refinement events. These happen every few months and are worth waiting for. You are gonna waste a lot of time and AD if you don’t wait for these.
  • Buying refinement items during double enchantment & rune drop events is also wise, as you usually get enchants & runes cheaper.

Farming Refinement Items

If you don’t have a lot of AD you will want to try to farm as much of your refinement items yourself to keep costs down.

  • Always wear Dragon’s Hoard Enchantments. These can be acquired through the Tyranny of Dragons campaign or through the auction house. These will make refinement items drop from 1-5% percent of mobs killed per Enchant depending on it’s rank.
  • Do Dread Ring quests every day. These reward you with a lot of refinement items. Even some Greater Marks.
  • Dragon Run’s in Well of Dragons also reward you with resonance stones, these run every hour at a quarter to the hour.
  • Heroic Events in your guild Stronghold also reward you with resonance stones.

Buying off the Auction House

Farming for refinement takes a lot of time so most players will end up buying a lot of refinement items of the auction house. And farming for Astral Diamonds might be quicker than farming just for refinement  (See our Astral Diamond Guide) read more

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Normal Demogorgon Tactics

demogorgon tactics

The Demogorgon tactics on normal is a pretty easy fight nowadays. Most of your runs should end in a gold finish. But there are still some players that can’t seem to get the tactics right. Here is a very quick guide on how to beat the Demogorgon.

Phase One: Portals

Here there are some people that aren’t paying attention and haven’t read a guide after reaching 70 and queuing for Demogorgon. A lot of the time you will see players opening the green & blue portals. The only tactic here is to only ever open the purple portals and killing the demons as fast as possible. If you are a tank you can tank the Demogorgon and pull him away from the others, but with most groups, you don’t even need to do this. read more

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How to get Artifacts in Neverwinter

neverwinter artifacts guide

In Neverwinter, artifacts are an important part of a character’s gear. Artifacts can be upgraded an eventually become very powerful. Artifacts are also a bit harder to come by than ordinary gear, at least in the beginning. In this guide, we will go over how you can get your first, second, third and fourth artifact. If you want to find out what artifacts is the best for your class go to our class guides.

How to get your first Artifact in Neverwinter

For most new players, your very first artifact will come from the quest Artifact Facts /Artifact Recovery at level 21. Talk to Sergeant Knox to start the quest, then Elder Reader Laris. The quest will take you through a short dungeon and voila; your first artifact, the choice between: read more

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The Complete Scourge Warlock Guide

scourge warlock guide

Welcome to our Scourge Warlock Guide. In this guide we will give you tips and info on how to play the Scourge Warlock class.

The Scourge Warlock class was introduced in Tyranny of Dragons. They are a spellcasting class that use their dark powers to damage their foes and can also heal themselves and their allies.

This Scourge Warlock guide is meant as a general guideline. To get the most out of your character, tailor him or her to your playstyle. The Neverwinter reddit is a good place to start if you want to learn more about your class. read more