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Zul’Farrak Farming Guide – Make 5k Gold an Hour

Welcome to our Zul’Farrak farming guide. Zul’Farrak is a level 46-50 instance located in Tanaris, to the west of Gadgetzan. It is a very good zone for gold making as it drops tons of mageweave, green and blue BOE’s, recipies and loads more that might be worth a few gold on the auction house. I play on a server with a very good economy, some players on smaller servers might not make as much as i will show you in this guide, but still gold making should be very good nonetheless in Zul’Farrak. read more

World of Warcraft World of Warcraft Gold Guides

Deadmines Farming Guide – 1000-5000g an hour

deadmines farming

Welcome to our Deadmines Farming Guide .The Deamines is one of the first dungeons World of Warcraft players will venture to and has been well used ever since the release of the game. It is located in Westfall in the Eastern Kingdoms. Other than being used for leveling players from around 15 to 21, it is also a fantastic gold farming place. Depending on your server’s economy you can easily farm good worth thousands of gold in a few hours here, it might take some time to sell it all thought. You can start soloing this zone pretty early but it is recommended that you are 70+ to do this really fast. read more

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DDO Leveling Guide : True Reincarnation Leveling Guide

This guide is the ultimate leveling guide for TR (True Reincarnation ) Characters in Dungeons and Dragons Online. It will show you all the tips and tricks you will need to know before Reincarnating your characters as well as the best and fastest quests to run through,

Tips and tricks:

Don’t spend much time not doing quests. All time spent running or standing around waiting for a group etc adds a lot of time to your playtime. So try to always be doing a quests.

Keep your XP per minute as high as possible. That means always know what quest to do next, and what bonus to go for on each quest (some times bonuses will be worth it but a lot of the time it won’t and you should rather be on your way to another quest ) read more

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Age of Conan Quick Leveling Guide 1 – 60

This is a leveling guide that has been written using a Dark Templar, But really any class can take advantage from this guide.

Before you start leveling it might be a good idea to check out the Age of Conan Guide to Bonus Experience and Offline Levels , this guide can really speed up your leveling experience.

Level 1 – 20 : Tortage

The first 20 levels should go pretty fast on Tortage, only a few hours start to end. Even Faster with some XP potions.

Level 20 -40 : The Wild Lands, Khopeshef, and Connals Valley

Wild lands is a good place to start at around level 20. Things are places pretty close together, so time spend running around is minimal and leveling is generally fast. read more