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Patch 5.3 Arms Warrior PvP Guide


In this guide we will go through some general information about what you need to know about Arms Warriors in patch 5.3 including tips about talent builds, macros and more. First we will have a look at the talent spec that i am using at the moment.

Arms Warrior Talent Spec for 5.3

arms warrior talent spec patch 5.3

Level 15 Talent : Juggernaut : As you know, charge is very important in PvP so get Juggernaut to make the recast time 12 seconds. Warbringer is also a viable choice.

Level 30 Talent: Second Wind. This is the only viable option and will help you stay alive.

Level 45 Talent: Staggering Shout or Disrupting Shout

Level 60 Talent: Shockwave. Dragon Roar is also viable but generally i will go for Shockwave.

Level 75 Talent : Safeguard. Helps you get free when rooted. Mass Spell Reflection is also good for BGs.

Level 90 Talent : Avatar

Arms Warrior Glyphs for 5.3

Glyph of Death From Above.

Glyph of Colossus Smash

Glyph of Bull Rush / Glyph of Mortal Strike (For Arenas)

Arms Warrior Stat Priority for 5.3

PvP Resilience

PvP Power


Hit Cap (Minimum 3%)

Expertise (Between 4-6%)




Arms Warrior Macros for 5.3

Charge Macro

#showtooltip Charge

/cancelaura Bladestorm

/cast Charge

/Cast Hamstring

Intervene Macro (To get out of Roots)

#showtooltip Intervene


/cast Intervene


Recklessness (Offensive Macro)

This macro will fire off all you offensive skills and items to make you a killing machine.

#showtooltip Recklessness

/cast !Recklessness

/cast !Avatar

/cast !Skull Banner

/cast !Berserker Rage

/cast !Blood Fury(Racial)

/use Tyrannical Gladiator’s Badge of Victory

/Use Potion of Mogu Power

Shield Wall (Defensive Macro)

Like the Recklessness macro only opposite.

#showtooltip Shield Wall

/cast Defensive Stance

/cast Rallying Cry

/equip Tyrannical Gladiator’s Slicer

/equip Tyrannical Gladiator’s Shield Wall

/cast Shield Wall

/cast Spell Reflection

/use Healthstone

I use a ton of more macros but won’t post them all.

Arms Warrior Rotation for 5.3

Use Charge when you can.

Use Colossus Smash when you can.

Use Mortal Strike when you can.

Use Slam.

Use Overpower.

Use Heroic Strike if you have high rage.



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