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Patch 5.3 Hunter PvP Pet Guide


So you are wondering what the best pet for PvP is in patch 5.3? In this guide we will show you what the best pets are and give you some info and tips about the pets. You might want to switch in between a few or all of the pets mentioned below.

The best talent spec for hunter pets in 5.3 is definitely  Cunning due to Roar of Sacrifice and Cornered.

Shale Spider

For the many of you that are specced  Beastmastery in Arenas you should be using the Shale Spider. This is due to the ability Web Wrap, which you should macro. Web Wrap will stun your opponent for 3 seconds, which you can follow up with a trap! This is definitely the pet you should be using for Beastmastery in the Arena.

shalespider best wow pvp pet

Spirit Beast

For normal battlegrounds it can be wise to switch to a Spirit Beast due to the healing, as you won’t get as much healing all the time in battlegrounds. Either this or the Shale Spider are viable options for rbgs as well.

wow best pvp pet 5.3


The Devilsaur is also a good option for rated battlegrounds. This reason this pet is good is that you don’t have to think about Widow Venom and you can concentrate on dishing out the most DPS. The Devilsaur has a debuff called Monstrous Bite will reduce healing done to the target.

best hunter pet 5.3


If you are a survival hunter in Battlegrounds, you can also be using a cat pet. The reason for this is the Roar of Courage buff that gives you 3000 mastery which can really help a lot.

wow hunter pet


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