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Patch 5.3 Skinning Location – Exotic Leather


In the recent patch 5.3 a lot of new content was added to the Barrens and with it came a new and awesome skinning location. This is probably one of the best skinning areas in the game at the moment. Since this is a new area with loads of content there will be tons of players here as well. Most of these players won’t be skinning the mobs they kill, so most of the time the whole area is scattered with dead mobs that you can just go around and skin.

Farming Exotic Leather here for a about an hour you will easily get 400 – 500 Exotic Leather which makes me about 3000 gold on my server. You will also be getting Plump intestines and other stuff that will make you additional gold.

This will work best on high population servers as there are more players killing and leaving behind dead mobs.

The farming locations are marked on the map below :

patch 5.3 exotic leather skinning


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