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Patch 5.3 Unholy Deathknight PvP Guide


There aren’t really huge changes to Deathknight PvP for patch 5.3. The major changes is the nerf to PvP Power and PvP Resilience. Also Gorefiend’s Grasp has been nerfed so i prefer Remorseless Winter now over it.

PvP Stat Priority for Patch 5.3

The changes to stat priority from the previous patch is due to the PvP Power and PvP Resilience nerf. Hit and Expertise is now more imporant than the PvP Power and PvP Resilience-


Hit Cap

Expertise Cap

PvP Power

PvP Resilience




PvP Gems for 5.3

Meta socket – Tyrannical Primal Diamond > Reverberating Primordial Ruby. The Tyrannical Primal Diamond is very good and will give you 665 PvP Power and 775 PvP Resilience. You will however need to have acquired 25000 conquest points. So use the Reverberating Primordial Ruby if you can’t get the Tyrannical yet.

Red socket – Bold Primordial Ruby

Blue socket – Tense Imperial Amethyst

Yellow – Resplendant Vermillion Onyx

PvP Enchants for 5.3

Shoulders – Greater Tiger Fang Inscription

Cloak – Superior Critical Strike / Accuracy

Chest – Glorious Stats / Superior Resilience

Bracer – Exceptional Strenght

Gloves – Superior Strenght

Legs – Angerhide Leg Armor

Boots – Pandaren’s Step

Weapon – Rune of the Fallen Crusader

PvP Talent Build for 5.3

death knight pvp talents

Level 56 Talent : Rolling Blood – This will replace pestilence, since blood boil will trigger Pestilence.

Level 57 Talent : Lichborne for the extra healing and immunity to CC. Alternatively Anti-Magic Zone can be useful as well.

Level 58 Talent : Asphyxiate – Stuns are always helpful in PvP and this has a 30 sec cooldown which is pretty decent.

Level 60 Talent : Conversion – This is usually my choice now over Death Pact, as Conversion gives you a good amount of healing for a low cost.

Level 75 Talent : Blood Tap – All the 75 talents are decent, but Blood Tap is slightly better for DPS.

Level 90 Talent : Remorseless Winter – All the 90 talents are also decent. But Remorseless Winter is better for PvP.

Glyphs for 5.3

Glyph of Pestilence – This still works with Rolling Blood.

Glyph of Anti-Magic Shield – For extra defense.

Glyph of Dark Simulacrum


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