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Platinum Guide : Shard of Love


Shard of Love : A Moment of Valor is a instance that you can start doing at level 50 and scales as you level up. At level 90, the mobs are around level 85 heroics but can very easily be soloed with a Merc. The zone drop some really cool appearance items like Circlet of Valor, Valorous Wings and A Replica of Mithaniel Marr’s Greatsword. But is also very good for Platinum and a short 30 minute run can fetch items worth anything from 20-50 plat. The entrance is right on the same island as you zone into Everfrost, just go through the portal.

The main thing you will be making plat from is”?” collectibles and appearance and house items from all the bosses. The zone is very open so just kill everything you see and search carefully through the whole zone for ever collectible.

The first four bosses require you to kill the mobs in an area in order for the boss to spawn. The last boss “Mithaniel Marr” is inside the castle and the doors will open after you kill the fourth boss. Mithaniel has a lot of HP but you can basically auto attack anything in this zone to death with a healer merc.

Shard of Love plat guide

Here are the item i got from one random run through the instance (not including no trade appearance items):

shard of love plat guide loot

Here’s a video of a run through the instance:


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