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Powerleveling 40 – 45+


Using this method you can power level yourself in D3 on nightmare difficulty from around level 40 to level 45 +. Check out our other leveling guides for the previous levels and leveling all the way to level 60. Staying ahead of the curve in Diablo 3 is important when trying to reach level 60 quickly as you can easily blast through all the content. Leveling is also very quick if you know the right places to farm. I like to stop for at least a few levels and grind Maghda in act 2.

Before you start you should visit the auction house and check for + experience items and some good weapons if you can afford it. With a lot of XP items you can get 50k – 100k XP per run and the run only take 5 minutes. So you can get a level in 20 minutes or so. You can level from 40 – 45 in less than 2 hours here.

For this you are going to choose quest 3 City of Blood in act 3 and choose the Lair of the Witch part. Take the Road to Alcarnus waypoint and go north east and into Alcarnus. Here you will find a lot of mobs. Kill all these, i don’t pay much attention to drops as i focus on only leveling. Get the shrine here as there often is a XP shrine here. Also visit the 2 cellars for extra mobs. Make your way to Magdha. Magdha should be cake, and only takes a minute or less to kill if you got some decent weapons.

When you are done. Leave game but do not just resume to get back to the checkpoint like you would when farming gold. Choose the quest again and do it again, so that you’ll get the quest XP again, otherwise you will loose almost 7k XP a run.


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