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Razorfen Downs & Razorfen Kraul Farming Guide



Zone / Area :

Razorfen Downs and Razorfen Kraul

Where :

Southern Barrens. The Entrance to Razorfen Kraul is pretty easy to find. Just follow the road and it will be on the western side. The Entrance to Razorfen Downs is a bit harder since it is hidden in the bush on the eastern side, but just follow the map.



Description :

The Razorfen instances are two instances quite close to each other in the southern barrens. They are both from the Vanilla era and are around level 30 – 50. They are fairly quick runs and can both be soloed in about 20 minutes, and the drops here are decent so it’s a pretty good gold farming instance. This is a popular dungeon boosting area as well, so you can make extra gold if you find someone level 30+ to boost through here for gold. There drops a lot of both Mageweave and Silk cloth here which can fetch quite a lot of gold, and a lot of greens. I got 20 greens in one run through both dungeons, this is the big money maker, at least on my server where random greens go for thousands. You also get a bunch of misc. items so you should fill up your bags pretty good in a run. Remember to delete greys and disenchant BOP blues if you can disenchant.

Razorfen Kraul Entrance

Gold Per Run : 5000g +

Gold Per Hour : 10000g +

Example Loot from one run :

Vendor Trash: 10g

62 Mageweave : 120g

112 Silk Cloth : 220g

20 Greens : 7000g

Disenchants and Misc. : 700g

Total: 8030 gold in 30 minutes

Do like the big gold makers and get the WoW Gold Tycoon Addon if you really want to rake in the gold!


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