Review : Mmorpg Multiboxing Must have! Razer Nostromo Keypad


The Razer Nostromo is basically an extension of your keyboard, complete with extra buttons, a scroll wheel, a D-pad and a few other goodies that will enhance your MMO experience, especially when Multiboxing.

Features of the Nostromo (Taken from the Razer site)

  • Ergonomic form factor and tournament-grade layout
  • 16 fully programmable Hyperesponse keys
  • Programmable eight-way directional thumb pad and scroll wheel (can be used as keys)
  • Instantaneous switching between eight key maps
  • Unlimited macro lengths (this is really cool)
  • Storage of up to 20 different game profiles
  • Adjustable soft-touch wrist pad for exceptional comfort
  • Backlit keypad and scroll wheel for total control, even in dark conditions
  • Enhanced Razer configurator software
  • Works with Mac or PC


Multiboxing in any Mmo, whether it be WoW, Everquest or Guild Wars, having the right equipment can make or break your game quite literary. Without the right software (I use pwnboxer) you won’t get far, especially on high end content where the wrong click of a button can be fatal. But hardware is also very important and get improve your game tremendously. I used to multibox (up to 5 box) on a single keyboard before I got the Razer Nostromo, but I fortunately found one of these under the Christmas tree this year. And boy did it make a difference. The Nostromo is the difference between wiping and not wiping in many instances, and the difference between a defeat and a win in arena matches and pvp. It has enough buttons to actually control several characters if you have multiboxing software set up, by freeing up space on your keyboard.

5 boxing will always be harsh and need a lot of skill even with the Nostromo, but it certainly makes it easier. 2 boxing though can be done as easily as just playing a single character with it. My favorite thing at the moment is 2 boxing with it, using my main (tank) with my keyboard and setting up a healer on auto-follow using the Nostromo. This way I can just move my right hand over from my mouse to the nostromo while in battles to do healing / crowd control or some extra DPS.

Using the Nostromo to two box in World of Warcraft can be especially fun. 2 boxing become very easy, so I just fire up a good class combo (I have A LOT of characters on 5 accounts) and go to town in 2v2 arena PvP.  This is no more stress than playing a single character most of the time, and since you don’t have to communicate with other players you can achieve great success in the 2v2 arena. 3v3 is also great fun, I bind some skills for all characters to the main keyboard using Pwnboxer and then I use the numpad and the Nostromo to get full control of the characters.

nostromo review
Setting up the Nostromo

I’ve never been very good at 5 boxing but using the Nostromo I can manage it pretty well.  In WoW I do fairly well in PvP, especially when using the same class or similar classes. In PvE I can do all Mists of Pandaria Heroics, but as my characters are mostly all full Epic there’s not much use for that.

For other games than WoW, I seems to work just as good. I’ve used it with Everquest 1 & 2, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Star Wars : ToR and Lord of the Rings Online. In EQ 1 & 2 and Swtor the Nostromo works about the same as with WoW. It really just enhances the multiboxing experience, both in PvE and PvP. Since you can have Mercenaries in Everquest you can fill up a group with just 3 accounts + Mercs, so you can 3 Box instances where you require a full group. Using the Nostromo + Pwnboxer + Mercenaries in EQ 1 & 2 I can usually complete most high level instances myself, making it possible to gear up all by myself at max level. You can still do this without the Nostromo but it definitely helps.

All in all I don’t think I could go back to multiboxing without my Nostromo or a similar pad. It just makes the whole multiboxing hassle so much easier. As I said before, you don’t need the Nostromo for Multiboxing, but if you are getting serious about multiboxing I would think about getting one.


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