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Shadowknight Guide


(The tips in this Shadowknight guide are meant simply as guidelines and the AA specs, rotations etc may not be the most optimal for your playstyle)

Shadowknight GuideThe Shadowknight is a dark warrior that use their dark powers at the forefront of battle. They are amongst the most popular of the classes in Everquest 2, much because of their very strong soloing skills. They do a lot of damage and can take a whole lot of damage as well.

Core Stats: Strength (Damage), Stamina (Defense)

Recommended Deity: Anashti Sul, Bertoxxulous, Innoruuk, Rallos Zek

Recommended AA Spec: Shadowknight AA Spec (This is a good starting spec, but feel free to build / change it to suit your playstyle)

Casting Order:
1)Essence Siphon

2) Dreadful Wrath

3) Shadow Coil

4) Mana Sieve

5) Swift Attack

6) Unending Agony

7) Pestilence

8) Death Cloud

9) Devour Vitae

10) Malice

11) Siphon Strike

12) Tap Veins

13) Doom Judgement

14) Cleave Flesh

15) Painbringer

16) Legion Smite

17) Soulrend

18) Hateful Slam

19) Hammer Ground


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