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Soloing Icecrown Citadel 10-Man


The Icecrown Citadel is a raid instance from the Wrath of the Lich King era. It’s a real fun and challenging instance to solo buy it can be done. The normal 10 – man version is the easiest to solo, and the heroic one is possible to solo pretty easily as well. The entrance to the instance is in Icecrown. Just look at the map, the entrance is down south where it says Icecrown Citadel. This is a great way to make some gold and fighting mobs here will award you with reputation for The Ashen Verdict. This is also one of the best places in the game for Transmog gear.

The first room as you enter is just full of trash mobs, but be sure to clear everything if your after gold as trash mobs usually yield more in terms of gold. After the first room you will see the first boss.

How to Solo Lord Marrowgar

Just be sure to move out of the blue stuff. Other than that it’s all tank and spank

how to solo lord marrowgar

How to Solo Lady Deathwhisper

In the room right behind Lord Marrowgar, is Lady Deathwhisper. At first you won’t be able to damage her. Just DPS until the adds spawn, stay out of the green stuff. Kill the waves of adds. Then in part 2 it’s basically just tank and spank again.

Now go up the lift and clear all the trash mobs around here. Talk to High Overlord Saurfang to get the gunship battle event started.

how to solo lady deathwhisper

How to Solo the Gunship Battle

The Gunship Battle can be pretty hard to solo but it can be done. Timing is crucial to this. Once the enemy ship is in range, jump into one of the cannons and spam 1-1-2 over and over. You can get attack 1 in exactly two times before you can fire of attack 2. When the cannon freezes there are two things that are important. Kill the mobs that come through the portal on your ship, if you don’t do this they will quickly burn down your ship. Secondly, you have to jump over to the opposite ship and kill the summoners. When they are dead, jump back into the cannon and spam 1-1-2 again then go back to the mobs. Do this over until you win. You probably won’t get this right the first or most likely not on the second try.

how to solo gunship battle

How to Solo Deathbringer Saurfang

Next up is Deathbringer Saurfang. This fight is a bit of a DPS race. Saurfangs energy bar will fill up every time he hits you, the adds hits will also fillĀ  the bar. When the bar fills up he will hit you with some nasty attacks and heal himself. Kill the adds as soon as they spawn.

how to solo deathbringer saurfang

How to Solo Rotface

Move on through the spire and kill all the trash mobs. Rotface is just another tank and spank fight. Just avoid the green stuff and you should be fine. When Rotface is dead, click the valve on the side of the door as you leave.

how to solo rotface

How to Solo Festergut

On the other side of the hall you will find Festergut. This fight is also a bit of a race against time. He will cast gastric bloat on you, if it reaches 10 stacks you will instantly die. He will also cast a variety of other nasty spells. If you are a paladin you can bubble up and it will reset the stacks. Otherwise it’s mostly a DPS race. Click on the valve here as well before you leave.

how to solo festergut

How to Solo Professor Putricide

Having opened the valves the room to Professor Putricide will open. You will be trapped when you reach the door. Kill all the mobs that spawn and the door will open. This battle has three phase. Pull him away from his table and stay out of the green stuff. The reason we pull him away is so that there won’t be any green stuff around his table and you will be safe to DPS him there. Move away from all the stuff he throws as they can put some nasty debuffs on you. When phase three starts and he runs back to his table, ignore the adds and DPS him down. Phase three can be though so do as much damage to him as you can while he is at the table.

how to solo professor putricide

How to Solo The Blood Prince Council

Move back to the spire and go to the Blood Prince Council. For this fight it’s important to not move around much as Shadow Prison will deal damage as you move. Just stand still as much as possible and DPS. Attack Prince Valanar, the council shares the health pool so they will all die when he dies. The fight is pretty quick and easy.

how to solo the blood prince council

How to Solo Blood-Queen Lana’thel

Go up the ramp in the Crimson Hall and make your way to Lana’thal. Clear all the trash. Blood-Queen Lana’thel will cast Essence of the Blood Queen which will increase damage by 100% but will kill you after 2 minutes. DPS as much as you can and fire away all cooldowns to kill her in under 2 minutes. This is a pretty easy fight though.

how to solo blood queen lana'thel

How to Solo Valithria Dreamwalker

Now jump down the hole in the group and backtrack through the spire. Some classes won’t be able to solo this as the fight requires you to heal her to 100%. As you heal her different mobs will spawn. It is important to kill the Blazing Skeletons as soon as possible as they cast Lay Waste which is a nasty spell. Heal as much as you can while DPSing the mobs. Try to get Valithria to full health in about 6-7 minutes max or else you will be overwhelmed by adds.

how to solo valithria dreamwalker

How to Solo Sindragosa

Take the elevator down. You will need to kill mobs that spawn to open the black gate. Once you have killed Rimefang and Spinestalker, Sindragosa will spawn. When Sindragosa is on the ground, just tank and spank. Use all cooldowns now. The flying phase is all about staying alive. You just have to try to soak up all the damage. So just do whatever you can to avoid and mitigate damage and heal up. When Sindragosa lands again, kill her to avoid more flying phases.

how to solo sindragosa

How to Solo The Lich King

Now comes the last part, the Lich King. Go to the middle of the spire to port to him. The first phase will last until about 70% health. He will cast Infest on you which is a dot, staying above 90% will neutralize the effect to try to stay over 90%. He will also summon adds, these aren’t very dangerous though. The most important thing now is to stay away from the shadow traps he places as they will know you of the platform and you will die. He will also summon Shambling Horrors which can be pretty nasty, CC or kill the Shambling Horror fast. DPS him down to 70% to end phase one.

At 70% he will start casting Frost Orbs at you. Position yourself with your back to the throne to avoid being knocked of the platform. Start dpsing adds now and prioritize Raging Sprits. This phase will last for 1 minute.

When phase two starts just remember to move out of the black stuff, and still keeping your health over 90%. This phase will last until 40% health.

When this phase ends, position yourself near the throne again to avoid the knockback. Kill the Raging Spirits again. The Lich King will stop casting Infest now so you don’t need to keep your health over 90% anymore.

You will now be summoned into Frostmourne. Try to do ranged damage to the mobs in there as they will hurl themselves at you and do a lot of damage. Move around and do ranged damage and heal up to stay alive.

Now it’s just about staying alive and DPSing the Lich King down to 10% before he enrages. Move out of the black stuff. You will be summoned into Frostmourne a few more times so just do what you did the first time around. Remember you only need to get him down to 10% health. Once you have done that you are finished!How to solo the lich king

If you are doing this for gold you will probably make quite a lot of gold because of all the trash mobs here, it is not the best raid instance for gold making though. It is however very much fun and you will get a ton of awesome transmog gear and other goodies. If you have any questions, leave a comment and we will get back to you.



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