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Solo Tempest Keep : The Eye



Zone / Area :

Tempest Keep : The Eye

Where :

Netherstorm, Outland. The Entrance to Tempest Keep: The Eye is in eastern Netherstorm. The main floating building.


Should be level 90 to Solo Tempest Keep : The Eye

Description :

The Eye is the main part of the Tempest Keep in Netherstorm. It is a 25 man raid zone from the Burning Crusade era. Most level 90 characters will be able to solo it for a good amount of gold. The mobs here drop a good amount of green items and you will probably see 3 + greens drop in a single pull. You can also get the Tempest Keep Mount Ashes of Al’ar here. It’s a pretty quick run and will probably fill up your inventory pretty good, a run will take 10-20 minutes. If you still got some room in your inventory after the run you could always hit up one of the other 5 man instances in the Tempest Keep right outside. If you can’t solo all the bosses here, just leave them. Gold comes mostly from trash mobs, as bosses just drop epics that you can vendor or disenchant and trash mobs drop greens / blues, cloth and more.

How to solo the bosses in Tempest Keep : The Eye at level 90:

Al’ar : The first boss is the Phoenix Al’ar. Pretty easy fight, just keep up as he moves around and burn him down.

Void Reaver : Also an easy fight. He will probably do a bit more damage to you than Al’ar, but the fight is straight forward. Use some defensive cooldowns or heals if you get in trouble.

High Astromancer Solarian : Probably the easiest fight in the raid, not tactics needed here either.

Kael’Thas Sunstrider : This fight can be difficult if your not geared well. The fight has several phases with a lot of annoying effects like knockbacks, fears and silence. Burn down all the adds as fast as you can and just try to stay alive. Pop all your cooldowns if you get in trouble. If you can’t manage to Solo Kael’Thas just leave him and go sell your stuff.

Tempest Keep The Eye Entrance


Gold Per Run :

5000g +

Gold Per Hour :

5000g +

Example Loot from one run :

Gold loot and Vendor Trash : 50g

Vendored Epics : 80g

Misc. Items 250g

Green gear : 5000g

Total: 5380 gold



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    Apr 08, 2013

    Void Reaver not so easy for casters. He basically silence-locks you the entire fight. Good luck with that.

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