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Solo Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40)



Zone / Area :

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40)

Where :

Southern Silithus


Medium. At level 90 you can solo AQ 40 very easily.

Description :

The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj is a 40 man raid instance from the vanilla era which now in Mists of Pandaria can be soloed by most classes at level 90. In addition to making you a lot of gold you will also get some cool transmog items here and mounts called Qiraj Battle Tank. These tanks can only be used in Ahn’Quiraj but do count towards the 50 mount achievement. A run should get you all the mounts. A run through here can make 5000g + depending on your server. Each boss drops keys that can be used on chests around the zone so try to get all of the chest to maximize gold earning.

Soloing the entire instance can prove a challenge, although most people should be able to do it. The Twin Emperors usually proves the biggest challenge. Below i will list tactics for all bosses. If you can’t kill the Twin Emperors, doing the rest of the zone is still worth it. Recently the hard bosses here have been nerfed so it is even easier to Solo AQ40.

1 ) The Prophet Skeram : Easy Fight, Just burn him down. If you can’t kill him, just give up.

2) Bug Trio : Kill Yauj first then the other two since she heals. Very easy fight as well.

3) Battleguard Sartura : Another easy fight. No tactics needed.

4) Fankriss the Unyielding : Easy fight as well. Kill and move on.

5) Viscidus : Impossible Fight. Just leave him as he’s not important either.

6) Princess Huhuran : Easy fight

7) Twin Emperors Vek’lor and Vek’nilash : Hardest fight here. One is immune to melee and the other to magic. They also heal a lot! So a certain amount of DPS is needed so that you DPS more than they heal. Pick the one that you can do the most damage to depending on your class (melee or magic). Then park yourself behind one of them against the wall so that they can’t knockback you and focus all your DPS on one of them. Use cooldowns and keep yourself alive with cooldowns, heals etc but keep DPS up.

8) C’Thun : Easy fight. Has 3 stages. Just DPS him until the second stage starts, you will be ported to his stomach. Kill the two tentacles there, you will be ported back out. Then Kill him.

Solo AQ40

Gold Per Run :

5000g +

Gold Per Hour :


Example Loot from one run :

Gold Loot and Vendor Trash : 80g

4 Greens : 3000g

2 Recipes : 600g

Misc. Items (Idols, Scarabs etc): 3400g


7080 gold

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