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Everquest 2 AA Leveling Guide : Clefts of Rujark 0-320 AA

Clefts of Rujark is one of the best places to grind AA’s in EQ2, if not the best. During a double XP weekend you can get a whole AA in a single pull, I’ve gained a AA there in less than a minute. You won’t be getting a AA a minute contstantly, but atleast an AA every 5 minutes during a XP weekend. This makes it very possible to grind out 320 AA’s during a weekend or even in a day if you play for a good few hours straight.

Before you start you should read the Everquest 2 Guide to Bonus Experience and try to have as many of these bonuses as possible active. On the video guide below i have veteran bonus, full vitality, xp potions and it’s during a double XP weekend. read more