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Verlok Stand Gold Farming


By now most people are going to be aware of the gold farming spot in the western part of Deepholm and this is often camped now. But what not as many people know about is the farming spot in the northeaster part at Verlok Stand. The location of Verlok Stand is pretty easy to find, just fly to the area on the map below and you’ll see it. This area is just as good or better for farming gold and you can make thousands per hour by farming here. At level 90 any class farm here very easily. Classes with AoE skills are preferable but not needed.

Before you start you need to get yourself a Potion of Treasure Finding. These are cheap and will increase how much gold you make by A LOT! It will make little chests drop that contain gold and embersilk cloth. These potions are always worth it when farming Cataclysm era areas. Verlok Stand is definitely one of the best cloth farming areas in Cataclysm.

verlok stand

deepholm farming

How much gold you make in this location really comes down to your server. But you should be able to make at least a few thousand gold per hour here. You will be getting a lot of Embersilk cloth, and most of the gold will come from these.

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