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Wailing Caverns Farming Guide



Zone / Area :

Wailing Caverns

Where :

The Location of the Wailing Caverns is in the middle of the Barrens. You have to move through the cave systems for a bit to find it.



Description :

The Wailing Caverns are a low level instance in the Barrens. It is targeted at characters in their late teens / early 20’s s level wise, so soloing it is very easy and can be done quite early on. The instance used to be a huge maze that could take quite some time to get through, but has recently gotten a minor revamp making it a lot easier and faster to get through. The zone is still pretty much the same, so the changes are not as big as in Scarlet Monastery¬† and other zones that has been revamped. The instance shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes now and has a decent amount of mobs. I usually skip Mutanus the Devourer as there isn’t any loot of value there and it takes quite some time. Just clear the west and east part of the instance and then leave and reset. One run should give you items worth a few thousand on a server with a good economy, as greens nowadays fetch a lot of gold.

wow wailing caverns location

Gold Per Run :

2000g +

Gold Per Hour :

5000g +

Example Loot from one run :

Loot and Vendor Trash : 5g

10 Greens : 3500g

1 Recipe : 600g

Misc. Items : 200g


4305 gold

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