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Warlock Guide


(The tips in this Warlock guide are meant simply as guidelines and the AA specs, rotations etc may not be the most optimal for your playstyle)

The Warlock in Everquest 2 is a dark and powerful spellcaster, using poisons and the power of decay to destroy their foes. They have some very useful debuffs and DoTs and their AoE spells are mostly unmatched in the game.

Core Stats: Intelligence

Recommended Deity: Bertoxxulous (Evil)  Solusek Ro (Good)

Recommended AA Spec / AA Build: Warlock AA Spec (This is a good starting spec, but feel free to build / change it to suit your playstyle)

Casting Order:

1) Gift of Bertoxx
2) Eternal Damnation
3) Curse of Darkness
4) Curse of Void
5) Vacuum Field
6) Dark Pyre
7) Acid
8) Plaguebringer
9) Dark Aggravation
11) Aura of Void
12) Thunderclap
13) Dark Siphoning

14) Bewilderment



  • The Warlock AA Build has been updated, and the link should be working again.

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    Nov 10, 2017

    Link does not work for AA respec

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