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I recently started using the WoW Armory App on my smartphone and as it turns out, you can actually make quite a bit of extra gold if you are an avid user of the auction house in WoW like i am. At any time i usually have a few thousand auctions up at any time, i spend about an hour a day with the WoW Gold Tycoon addon, which means hundreds of new valuable items every day is added to my already huge list of item on the AH. Since i play quite a few other MMO’s and write about all of them, i don’t have all the time in the world for WoW. But having the WoW Armory App has really helped me with all my dealings on the AH. I will explain below how and what i use the app for.Firstly i would like to say that the app is completely free for smartphone users. There are quite a few features like Guild Chat, Event Calendar, Talent Calculators, Realms Statuses, News, and most importantly you can buy, sell and relist on the auction house. The image below shows you what the main menu of the WoW Armory App looks like.


wow armory app
WoW Armory Main Menu

The main thing about the WoW Armory App though is the Auction House feature. You can buy items, sell items, pick up mail and with the touch of a button you can relist items back on the AH, straight from your mailbox. This is for me an ingenious timesaver. Instead of logging into the game and wasting time i can now relist all my expired items on the auction house while I’m watching a movie or on the bus. And since that is all done when I’m actually going to play on my PC, I’ve saved all that time and can now spend that time farming and making even more gold. Below you can see how the auction house feature looks like on the app.

wow armory auction house

“Selling” is how many items i have for sale at the moment

“Gold earned” is only the amount of gold i have in the mailbox waiting for me at the moment.

Using the menu above you can sell, buy and relist your items.

If you are proficient with reselling on the AH you can of course use the WoW Armory App to make even more gold. This can be hard though if you don’t know the prices on your server since addons like WoW Tycoon and Auctioneer is unavailable to you.


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